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With my hero academiaWith society relying so heavily on heroes, you’d think someone who works on heroism would direct their attention solely to that career track. But things aren’t always so black and white, and Pro Heroes of MHA can often be a lot more complex than they appear.

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While some pros are dedicated solely to classic hero work, others have side interests. Sometimes these extra occupations offer a lot to society, providing another kind of service that is almost as important as their main job. But that’s not always the case, and some heroes can make unfortunate choices with their other chosen occupations that can affect their job and future as a hero.

Warning: manga spoilers ahead.

ten Many heroes are dedicated to teaching the next generation

my hero academia focuses on the journey of young hero hopefuls who begin their lives as heroes at UA High. UA’s teaching staff includes many professional heroes, from main genius Nezu to number one hero All Might and underground hero Eraserhead.

Other hero schools have similarly skilled staff. For example, Ketsubutsu Academy High School includes Ms. Joke on its teacher list. This is a particularly important practice because the experience of Pros is often valuable for their students.

9 Present Mic has his own radio talk show

Some characters truly become Plus Ultra in that they have more than one secondary occupation. Present Mic is introduced to viewers as a UA teacher, but his strong personality and Quirk, Voice, also make him a great candidate for his other job choice, that of radio show host.

During his Put Your Hands Up Radio show, he plays non-stop music every Friday night, perhaps to honor his love for the art form. It is due to his radio skills that he also acts as a presenter for the UA sports tournament.

8 Recovery Girl is first and foremost a doctor

Not all heroes wear capes, and sometimes activities that seem perfectly mundane save as many people as a licensed Pro. Recovery Girl falls somewhere in between. His Quirk, Heal, allows him to heal his patients’ wounds using their own stamina.

Although she is a licensed Pro Hero, she is primarily a doctor and appears to be skilled in surgery as well. She doesn’t always perform her duties as well as she should – as evidenced by her reaction to Izuku Midoriya’s series of self-destructive injuries – but she’s certainly the mainstay UA probably couldn’t endure without.

seven Support heroes can be very talented inventors

While Recovery Girl is one of the most well-known support heroes in the MHA world, other pros with this affinity are all about gearing up rather than healing. Higari Maijima, known as Excavation Hero: Power Loader, is also part of UA’s teaching staff.

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He is in charge of the support course development studio and is good at creating support items and costumes. The eccentric Mei Hatsume seems to be headed in this direction, as her quirky personality is matched only by her creativity and genuine knack for developing support items.

6 Lunch Rush is known for his cooking skills rather than his heroism

Not all UA teachers are so outstanding in terms of career, quirk, or history. A clear example is Lunch Rush. The Cook Hero is a mystery in every way, with his only appearance being at the start of the show. He says a single sentence, and his only known talent is his skill in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s fitting that he’s the leader of the AU rather than a teacher of heroism.

5 Best Jeanist appears to be a qualified youth counselor

Education does not always take place in schools and some young people need extra help. Pro Hero Best Jeanist seems aware of this. When he offers Katsuki Bakugou a chance to intern with him after the UA Sports Tournament, it is with the intention of reforming his rather aggressive character. He is not completely successful in this, but this does not seem to be his first experience in this field.

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Best Jeanist is actually a skilled youth counselor, so it’s perhaps no surprise that he made an impression on Katsuki. While Jeanist probably sees this as just another aspect of his hero duty, it’s certainly an extra activity that few heroes indulge in, one that many troubled youngsters benefit from.

4 Uwabami leverages his fame through his modeling

Uwabami Serpentress My Hero Academia

One of the most common criticisms leveled at hero society involves the exploitation of a hero’s celebrity status. There is more than one instance of this kind of behavior in the anime, but a particularly notorious one is that of Uwabami.

When Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendo choose her for their internships, the experience given to them is mostly in Uwabami’s side job as a television celebrity. Uwabami films a commercial for hairspray and the girls are invited to participate. While Momo and Itsuka aren’t particularly thrilled, Uwabami seems to be enjoying the benefits of having a side job and exploiting his fame.

3 Godzillo would have appeared in many films

A unique addition to the world of my hero academia, Godzillo only appears in the movie My Hero Academia: two heroes. Originally from Japan, he moved to the United States at some point before the film. During Izuku’s visit to I-Island, he and Melissa Shield meet him and are greeted by the friendly hero.

He’s said to have starred in numerous movies, which is pretty fitting, considering the inspiration for his look and Quirk. The character’s design is inspired by the infamous movie monster Godzilla, and his Quirk, Toho, is named after the company that owns the rights to the Godzilla franchise, the same one that co-produces and distributes my hero academia.

2 Lady Nagant is also an assassin for the Heroes Public Safety Commission

lady swimming my hero academia

Heroism may be flashy, but it’s a life that has a dark side. Lady Nagant is originally a popular professional heroine, but her involvement with the Hero Public Safety Commission changes her outlook on society. He is taught to brutally hunt down villains and corrupt heroes.

More than a heroine, she turns into an assassin in the service of the Commission. She is disillusioned with the company itself, especially as she realizes that the Commission is just as corrupt as the people it targets. When she ends up snapping and killing the President of the Commission, she is sent to Tartarus as a villain.

1 Hawks’ job as a hero makes him a spy in the Meta Liberation Army

Lady Nagant isn’t the only heroine to suffer a massive loss from a job she received from the Commission. Pro Hero Hawks finds himself forced to become a double agent, infiltrating first the League of Villains and then the Meta Liberation Army. Pretending to be a villain certainly isn’t easy for Hawks, but it yields information he can provide.

But while Hawks’ mission yields results, it also ends in tragedy. Much like Lady Nagant, he becomes a killer, driven to kill twice – whom he perceived as a friend. He also loses his wings following his battle with Dabi, a confrontation he only survives thanks to the intervention of Fumikage Tokoyami. Being both hero and villain is a dangerous game to play, and Hawks is paying a high personal price for doing his duty.

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