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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans can always expect some sort of crossover between different franchises. The best example that comes to mind was during Phase 1 when various heroes came together to form the Avengers. But for Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab, he thinks there’s only one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes who would be perfect for the studio’s new hit on Disney+.

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In one exclusive interview Per Screen Rant, Diab said the Hulk would be the perfect Avenger to team up with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. The director said this when asked if there was another Marvel superhero he’d like to direct, the answer to which was Mark Ruffalo’s Jade Giant.

“I like a lot of people. I like everyone in the MCU. Oscar said this idea of ​​teaming up with the Hulk. It’s a crazy idea to have two people, sort of, who have two characters who interact with each other. Just imagine this back and forth, back and forth, between the four of them. That would be so interesting. I like Mark Ruffalo, for sure. I like everyone, but I’m telling you that the interaction could be very interesting,” Diab said.

Even Isaac himself said something similar recently.

These answers from Diab and Isaac, impressive as they may seem, can potentially give a clue to Moon Knight’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At some point last year, Ruffalo was spotted in Budapest while scenes for Ethan Hawke from the Disney+ series were being filmed there. And while it’s been confirmed that Ruffalo will appear in Marvel’s upcoming She-Hulk, that information may eventually lead to the actor making an appearance in Moon Knight as well.

As the series is set to hit its second episode this week, the air surrounding it is shrouded in tons of rumors and possible connections to the larger MCU. With Isaac teasing the Midnight Sons, Hawke hinting at the future of the series, and Diab’s preference for teaming up with the Hulk, it’s fair to say that this is just the start of Moon Knight for Marvel.

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