Most Underrated Breaking Bad Characters


By far the most unfairly treated character on the show and perhaps in recent television history is Skyler White. Many fans felt that Walt’s long-suffering wife was resentful and insufficiently loyal to her – let’s check our notes here – ruthless, meth cook, murderer, and criminal to a husband. Then when she took a turn and started supporting her, um, side business, the same fans condemned her for hypocrisy and criminal behavior.

Well, we can’t tolerate a lot of what Skyler does like she helps and encourages Walt’s lies and launders his money, prepares Ted Beneke’s books, then sleeps with the guy. But it’s “Breaking Bad”, isn’t it? It would be more than a little odd to reserve our harshest moral condemnation for Skyler and not the endless parade of morally bankrupt characters we meet over the course of the series.

Some things we can tolerate are Skyler’s fierce loyalty to his family and the fact that many of his decisions make perfect sense, especially in the early seasons. After all, why should we expect her not to question Walt’s increasingly untenable alibis and bizarre absences? And we can be in awe of her surprising cunning later in the series, even if she doesn’t make good moral use of it. Finally, we can praise the stellar performance of multiple Emmy Award-winning Anna Gunn throughout the show’s five seasons. In a series defined by some of the greatest actors in television history, hers does more than just hold up.


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