My Hero Academia Explains How Endeavor’s Toxic Ideals Began


my hero academia has a lot going on right now, and we have the manga’s final act to thank. These days, all eyes are on Endeavor as the professional hero continues his all-out battle with All For One. This was clarified recently, because my hero academia delved into Endeavor’s psyche mid-fight, and that’s when the professional hero revealed how toxic his view of heroes was at the time.

The whole thing was willing when my hero academia chapter 356 went to live. This is where the hero once again faced off against All For One, and Endeavor carried on despite some serious injuries. During the battle, fans watched an aside reunite the professional hero with his high school, and it was there that young Endeavor revealed his unhealthy view of heroes.

“Even weaker now,” the boy said with Endeavor at his feet. “Standing. Atonement. Mistakes. Responsibility. All of this revealed the weakness that has always been there… Go on, keep cursing the real enemy – that weakness. It’s the only thing that kept you alive.”

As you can see, Enji Todoroki never had the best vision for heroes in his mind, even when he was younger. After witnessing his father’s death and All Might’s insurmountable strength, Endeavor became less focused on hard work and more obsessed with his own weaknesses. Focusing on his shortcomings, Endeavour’s self-loathing manifested in the most abusive ways towards those around him, and the cycle continued until All Might was forced into retirement. .

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For heroes like All Might, they strive to become something bigger than themselves, and that’s why they can overcome the craziest of odds. Endeavour, on the other hand, couldn’t reach those heights because he only saw what he couldn’t do in relation to others rather than the things he could do. Now, it looks like Endeavor is doing everything it can to catch up to its old beliefs, but only time will tell if the professional hero will survive long enough to turn over a new leaf.

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