My Hero Academia’s Dabi Can Defeat Heroes in Heartbreaking Ways


My Hero Academia’s fiery villain Dabi could force the show’s heroes to suffer a major moral defeat in a truly heartbreaking way.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Chapter 351 of my hero academia!

While my hero academiathe protagonists of will likely win their fight with Dabi physically, he may be able to secure a moral victory over them in the most tragic way possible. The series is in what appears to be its final arc, and author Kohei Horikoshi is wrapping up a lot of the manga’s ongoing conflicts. This includes the feud between the vengeful villain Dabi and his family, the Todoroki.

Recently, my hero academia revealed that Dabi is the alias of Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of hero Endeavour. After failing to live up to his abusive father’s standards, Toya nearly set himself on fire and was presumed dead by his family. After being healed by All For One, he became obsessed with destroying everything Endeavor held dear, including his family and the very foundations of Hero society. His brother Shoto is currently fighting him in a very heated and personal battle. This battle is one of many conflicts that occur simultaneously between various heroes and villains. While the fighting is fierce, each hero decided to fight with the intention of “saving” their respective opponents instead of taking the easy way out and killing them. Dabi might not give Shoto a chance to do so, though.


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Throughout their clash, Dabi used a series of incredibly destructive attacks in an attempt to destroy his brother, whom he considers Endeavor’s ultimate achievement. These attacks harmed the heroes greatly physically, but they also caused Dabi’s body to deteriorate tragically, leading to some truly gruesome footage of his flesh burning. The extent of this damage reveals a willingness to sacrifice one’s life in pursuit of one’s goals. While at the end of the final chapter, Shoto seems to have the upper hand in their fight, Dabi’s body appears to be in the worst shape it’s been in throughout the affair. This raises a gruesome possibility that even if Dabi doesn’t achieve his own goals, he could also prevent the heroes from accomplishing theirs.

If the heroes incapacitate Dabi but he burns himself to death in the process, then society would be safe, but Shoto will have ultimately failed in his goal. Before the fight started, Shoto told his friends that he wanted to share some udon noodles with his brother after the fight was over. Both Dabi and Shoto are ultimately victims of their father’s abuse, regardless of what they did in response. If Dabi dies in this fight, it would be a tragic end to the Todoroki family drama, and Shoto’s dream of family reconciliation would never come true.

Dabi’s death would be a tragic failure on the part of Shoto and the many other heroes fighting in an effort to save the villains they fight. It would also be a grim harbinger of things to come. After all, if Shoto can’t save his own brother, then what hope does Deku have of moving on to the present? Akira-esque Shigaraki monstrosity? Thereby Dabithe self-destruction of would not only be a heartbreaking defeat for Shotōbut an ominous sign of further moral defeats to come for my hero academiais other heroes.

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