New Savage Avengers Revealed As Marvel’s Biggest, Baddest Team Yet


Marvel Comics has revealed the newest iteration of the Savage Avengers, which features an incredible roster of heroes including Daredevil and Anti-Venom.

Warning! Spoiler for savage avengers #1 by Marvel Comics

the savage avengers return with a new roster that features some of the biggest and baddest heroes in the Marvel Universe. On Thursday, Marvel Comics shared new details about the next iteration of the Savage Avengers. The team features some notable faces including Anti-Venom, Elektra’s Daredevil, Weapon H, and the Black Knight. The new team will debut in savage avengers #1, which will debut in May.

The Savage Avengers are one of Marvel’s deadliest super-teams, with the original roster consisting of Conan the Barbarian, Venom, Doctor Voodoo, Elektra, Wolverine, and The Punisher. The roster features dangerous heroes as they faced threats that required somewhat darker motives than the usual Avengers roster. the original savage avengers series ended at the end of last year. The series written by Gerry Duggan (with art by Mike Deodato Jr. and Patch Zircher) ended with Conan’s exile to the Hyborian Age. Conan and a new cast of heroes return as the new Savage Avengers.


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All new, all different savage avengers will be written by David Pepose (Spencer and Locke) with the art of Carlos Magno (Kang the Conqueror). The new cast of heroes is a powerful but unlikely team, as Conan the Barbarian will be joined by Daredevil, Anti-Venom, Weapon H, Cloak & Dagger, and the Black Knight. Check out Leiniel Francis Yu’s coverage of the series, which shows the super team in action. Below them are a series of connected teaser variant covers by Giuseppe Camuncoli featuring the various members.

New Savage Avengers Team

New Savage Avengers Team

savage avengers

Marvel Comics has revealed the new savage avengers would be formed when the time-traveling cybernetic soldier Deathlok came after Conan the Barbarian. Needing help avoiding the hunt for the Deathlok, Conan will form a new team of Savage Avengers to survive. How Conan will meet the various characters and convince them to help him remains to be seen, but his recruits are quite impressive. Weapon H, Anti-Venom, and the Black Knight are some of the strongest characters on the planet, while Elektra, Cloak, and Dagger are no slouches. Check out the synopsis of savage avengers #1 by Marvel Comics below.

“Making my Marvel debut with SAVAGE AVENGERS is like getting drafted by the Yankees and being told you’ll also be playing for the Rangers on the weekends – not only can I write Conan the Barbarian, one of the most swords and sorcery, but I can launch him on the craziest adventures imaginable alongside a whole new team of Marvel fan favorites! Venom, Weapon H, Black Knight and Cloak and Dagger give this series so much personality and potential, and artist Carlos Magno delivers showstop after showstop as he brings these characters to life – I can’t wait for that. readers see what sparks fly when Conan and company take on the most dangerous Deathlok of them all. Get ready for an epic battle between Cyborg and Cimmerian, because in May only the Savage will survive…”

It’s a bit surprising to see the savage avengers restarted so quickly after the end of the last series. Still, comics are still a great way to use up heroes who might not have a place in other series. Seeing Conan team up with Elektra, Weapon H, and the Black Knight should be a lot of fun. We can’t wait to see the new savage avengers in action, as the first issue of Marvel Comics hits comic book stores on May 4, 2020.

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