Nightwing and Deathstroke have a brutal showdown in Dark Crisis Preview


A double page spread for the second issue of DC’s dark crisis The series of events features a brutal fight between Nightwing and Deathstroke. number seven dark crisis takes place after Justice League #75, aka “The Death of the Justice League”. The latest issue of Justice League finds the team falling in battle against the Dark Army, leaving the DC Universe without its iconic superhero team. As heroes such as the Titans and the Teen Titans mourn their mentors and friends, Deathstroke leads an evil team of supervillains seeking to capitalize on the power vacuum. It looks like this will all lead to a showdown between longtime rivals Nightwing and Deathstroke.

dark crisis contributors Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere both shared artwork for issue #2. “NIGHTWING VERSUS DEATHSTROKE. Two pages from Dark Crisis #2 by @Sampere_art and @loquesunalex,” Williamson wrote on Twitter. “The Justice League is dead. And now Deathstroke is coming for the Titans. An epic battle in DARK CRISIS #2. This July. Pre-order #1 from your local comic book store.” Sampere shared the same two-page spread with the ink version without any color by Alejandro Sánchez.

Nightwing and Deathstroke leave each other, as Dick Grayson uses his Escrima sticks to fight Deathstroke’s staff. A raging fire burns in the background to really set the mood for this fight’s personality. Deathstroke was the Teen Titans’ greatest enemy during Dick Grayson’s time as Robin. Their fierce rivalry has manifested itself in other media such as the Teen Titans animated series.

Jace Fox’s Batman, Jon Kent’s Superman, Yara Flor’s Wonder Girl, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein’s Green Lantern, and Jackson Hyde’s Aquaman will become the new Justice League team during Dark Crisis. This plays to the themes of DC’s Future State initiative, which looked into the future to show how a new generation of heroes have stepped in to replace the old guard. In fact, almost exactly the same lineup made up Future State Justice Leaguealso written by Joshua Williamson.

Pariah, one of the characters of the iconic Marv Wolfman and George Perez Crisis on Infinite Earths, returns to use an ancient destructive force known as the Great Darkness to destroy Earth-0 and resurrect its lost world. The Great Darkness was behind many of the multiversal events that happened in the DC Universe. The remaining heroes will have to fill the void left by the Justice League.

“Dark Crisis is an epic DCU event about legacy,” said writer Joshua Williamson. “It will have all the giant, fun cosmic battles and multiversal settings, but it’s not about reboots, retcons, or rewriting time and space. At its core, it’s about the characters and the relationships that we’ve seen built on the great DC of DC history. dark crisis turn out of Justice League #75 ‘DEATH OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE’ and connects all of the story threads across the DCU since Infinite Frontier #0 in a major way. Unifying the new DCU legacy as we honor the classic. You can not miss it !”

“Tome, dark crisis is a big celebration for all DC fans,” said artist Daniel Sampere. “It’s a huge event full of epic heart, one that embraces the past while looking to the future. Joshua and I are DC’s biggest fans, and this is our love letter to these characters and this universe.”

dark crisis #2 will go on sale in July. Let us know your thoughts on the Nightwing/Deathstroke showdown in the comments!


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