“Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for the love he has given me”, shares Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit recently released her second single, Tu Hai Mera, on her birthday. While her debut song, Candle, was dedicated to frontline workers, the new number is an expression of her love for her fans. The free press newspaper caught up with her in an exclusive phone conversation. Excerpts:

Your song Tu Hai Mera has both a mix of western and classical touches. Can you elaborate?

My connection to music dates back to my school days. I went to a convent school and sang English songs. At home, my mother was a Hindustani vocal classical singer, so I was close to classical music. So, I’m comfortable with the western and the classic.

How were Candle and Tu Hai Mera conceptualized?

When the lockdown happened, I saw that the doctors, nurses, and all the frontline workers were going through so much, and they were the beacon of light for everyone. They were not with their families. They were inflicted by Covid-19, and a few succumbed to it. Yet they worked every day. So I dedicated Candle to them. They were our heroes. And Tu Hai Mera is dedicated to the love of my fans, because I’m only here because of them.

The single has a subtly amalgamated classical dance with western singing. Whose idea was that?

I wanted them to be nice and easy times for the fans to relate to, and that should mean something too. There is little dancing. I thought this song had more of an emotional connection. The beginning is about the beginning of my career, and in the 90s, we started the song highlighting the era of then – we were getting letters and getting cards. In the end, we showed how we are in the different universes of social media.

Do you miss the 90s era and responding to your fan letters?

Each generation will have a different connection. It’s a different generation, and it was different. You have to move with the times. Today too, the connection is wonderful. It’s a direct connection without waiting for a letter, reading it and then responding to it. It’s instant now. On Insta, I love getting started because it’s nice and fun. I do it because it also gives me pleasure and joy. I think that’s how it should be seen.

People loved you even when you weren’t in front of the cameras. How is it possible?

I do not know. I always feel like it’s in the eye of the beholder. It’s a chance, and not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for the love he has granted to me, as well as to the others who have granted this love to me. This love has always been there and I feel blessed.

When you started your journey, did you ever realize that you would reach such great heights?

I don’t think when you start the journey you even think like that in any profession. We are not here to predict. But yes, every time I worked I worked very hard and with total honesty and passion. I have always been faithful to my work. This has always been my policy. I don’t get carried away by my success. For me, my work comes first and the rest follows. People appreciate my hard work, sincerity and perseverance, and so it has been fruitful.

Will we have the chance to see you make a film in Marathi, Tamil or Telugu?

Marathi, yes, of course. About Tamil and Telugu movies, shall I do? Well, I don’t know if I’m getting any offers, maybe I’ll make them.

Posted: Sunday May 22nd 2022, 07:39 IST


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