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Dimapur, March 23 (MExN): All Naga Political Groups (NPGs) must try to put themselves in each other’s shoes and try to reach a meeting point, if not for themselves, but for the sake of future Naga generations, the Global Naga said. Forum (GNF).

In a message on the occasion of the NSCN/GPRN 43rd Republic Day, the GNF asked all NPGs to end all their differences and unite for the sake of the common Nagas, and stop harassing the civilians in any form.

Paying tribute to all “fallen heroes”, the GNF said a long history of heroic struggle like that of the Naga people has “a past and a present”. However, the Nagas are “stuck in the past and mired in the current stalemate. So we cannot move together towards the ‘common destination’,” he added.

For the Nagas to move forward into a free and self-determined future, the GNF believed that the NPGs should free themselves “from the prison of sinful and tragic unresolved burdens of the past against each other that refuse to go away”, and seek to forgive the wrongs they have inflicted and forgive the wrongs that others have inflicted.

He said there should be “moral and political conditions leading to a ‘working relationship’ (even if not full reconciliation and unity) to break out of ‘the current impasse'”, and that the NPGs should jointly devote themselves to the ongoing peace negotiations. for a final solution that includes “”a path” for an undivided naga homeland to one people’s destination, one destiny.”

Stating that heroic patriotism and immense sacrifice would be demanded of the NPGs, the GNF said that the Naga people know that they (the NPGs) are fully capable of meeting the heroic challenge.

He said it was a “now or never time” for the Nagas as a people, while stressing that “the Nagas have been speaking of the noble word ‘Unity’ for more than three decades since the NSCN split in 1988.”

“Whether it’s Naga political groups, tribes, organizations and civil societies, could we first ask ourselves why we can’t come together before we talk about unity / one homeland ? If we are truly national leaders, we are expected to rise to the occasion and take the lead with results-driven actions. Before we talk about Naga freedom, can we seriously stop harassing our own people who are working hard to make ends meet? Ironically, you would surely understand and appreciate that due to endemic harassment, ordinary people now want to break free from NPGs! said the GNF.

He went on to clarify that the statement does not mean that the NPG did nothing for the Naga cause. “We have come this far because of your many unprecedented struggles and sacrifices, primarily at the cost of your lives and families, and this should be firmly cherished, supported and recognized by the Nagas,” he said. .

However, he also pointed out that “not all NPGs are faithful to the fundamental principle of Naga political aspirations and rights, we also need to be able to analyze where the differences come from. To put it bluntly, disunity and factions within the NPG are the result of too much centralization of power in one or a few hands, nepotism and the arrogance associated with it. Naturally, people will revolt and try to find ways for themselves.

In this context, he said that NPGs must try to put themselves in each other’s shoes and try to come to a meeting point, leave all their differences and unite for the good of the common Nagas, and to stop harassing civilians in any form.

Furthermore, he also recommended that representatives of Naga civil societies be included in the peace negotiations.

“Our dream of having a separate flag and constitution based on the principle of our inherent rights is being shattered. India continues to divide the Nagas under one pretext or another and we succumb to the aspirations of the India for more than seven decades. Therefore, let us not only blame India for not solving our problem, because to a large extent it is our fault,” he said while adding that “the people are getting more and more impatient day by day, feeling that the current political debate is at an impasse.”

“In such a stalemate, it takes the right political savvy and leadership to bring a new ray of hope, paving the way for the next generation,” he said.


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