Original Flash and Green Lantern get modern overhauls in canceled JSA art


Artist Bryan Hitch confirms his JSA project with Geoff Johns won’t move forward, sharing Flash and Green Lantern redesigns for the canceled project.

Bryan Hitch has just confirmed news that will be tragic for all DC fans hoping for a new series featuring the Justice Society of America, but softened the blow by sharing the intended art of the original The Green Lantern and Sparkle. While at one point he was set to co-create a comic book starring the classic team of heroes with writer Geoff Johns, a recent tweet from the artist confirms the series is dead. Hitch didn’t deliver his news empty-handed, however, featuring art that shows what a modern JSA might have looked like.

The Justice Society of America first appeared in All Star Comics # 3 and were created by Gardner Fox, Everett E. Hibbard and Sheldon Mayer. The Society is known to be one of the first superhero teams of the Golden Age of Comics, and some of its members were the start of legacies that spanned generations. The influential team was due for a revival after an announcement in 2021 Stargirl Spring Break Special # 1, but fans have received few updates on the book until recently.


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In a recent tweet, Bryan hitch sent an update on the JSA series with bad news for readers eagerly awaiting the return of the Legends. Hitch wrote “While we couldn’t make the book in the end, here’s a look at modern-era costumes from the JSA’s Alan Scott and Jay Garrick like Geoff and I would.The artist included inked line drawings of the Golden Age Green Lantern and The Flash along with her post. Fans were saddened by the news, while praising the sleek redesigns that retain the traditional look. heroes but add a few modern touches. While fans responded with disappointment, Hitch made sure to clarify where he could on what exactly happened.

Bryan Hitch clarified things to several commentators on his post as curiosity began to mount. Coupling mentioned in his response to Phil Jimenez that he had been “trying to get a JSA off the ground in some form or another since I came to DC about six or more years ago. “ To a fan speculating on DC’s reluctance to release new Justice Society comics, Coupling wrote “DC was enthusiastic. I chose to move away for several reasons. It wasn’t their fault, it was my choice to move elsewhere. ” Coupling told another fan that it was a mutual decision made by him and Geoff Johns, saying that the series “never took off, unfortunately. Our choice at the end, so we do Redcoat instead. “ While some may be happy to hear that the creative team is moving on to another series, the disappointment was palpable for fans of the super-team.

the Justice Society of America may have a notable place in the history of the DC Universe, but the original The Green Lantern and Sparkle are going to have to wait a little longer before they have time to shine in their own current book.

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