Pandora Papers slandering the heroes of Pak?


The Pandora Papers recently took the political world by storm by exposing world leaders to having offshore companies. About 700 Pakistanis have also been named in the Pandora Papers, including politicians, ministers and even military officers.

Raja Nadir Pervez, a retired army officer and former minister was among those accused of having offshore companies. According to the Pandora Papers, Raja Nadir Pervez owned International Finance and Equipment Ltd, a BVI registered company. The files disclosed say his company does business with Russia, China, Thailand and India.

Records show that in 2003, Pervez transferred his shares in the company to a trust that controls several offshore companies.

One of the beneficiaries of the trust is a British arms dealer. According to UK court documents, one of the trust’s other companies helped negotiate arms sales from Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal SA to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., an Indian state-owned defense company.

However, Raja Nadir Pervez has denied all of these claims.

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I’m not a businessman, just a soldier: Raja Nadir Pervez

In an interview with a private media channel, the retired army officer said he had never owned an “offshore company”.

“I never even thought of an offshore company, let alone owning it,” said Raja Nadir.

He further states that the government has full details of his wealth. In addition, he made it clear that he only had inherited wealth.

While responding to claims he was doing business with India, the veteran said he would never do such a thing as it is a betrayal of his comrades who sacrificed their lives fighting India. .

Raja Nadir Pervez fought India in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 and the Indo-Pakistan Winter War of 1971. He was awarded the Sitara-e-Jurat for his service in the War of 1965. He is also became a prisoner of war but led an escape from the Indian prison of Fateh Garh with four other officers. As a result, he received the Sitara-e-Jurat for the second time.

“I will do business with those Indians who martyred our friends and companions?” Raja Nadir said clearly upset: “We have buried some of these martyrs ourselves. “

“I am not a businessman. I’m just a soldier, ”he added.

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Pandora Papers: An attempt to slander the Pak Army?

While reiterating that he does not own any offshore company, Nadir Pervez also clarified that no one had contacted him during the two years of the ICIJ’s investigation.

Raja Nadir Pervez further challenged the people to prove any illegal transaction on his behalf. He also urged the government to investigate and make his case a top priority. In the end, Raja Pervez promised to take the case to court.

Relevant to note, Raja Nadir Pervez, in strong terms, said that Pandora Papers is a deliberate attempt to slander the institution as it falsely names many generals and officers who have only led honorable lives.

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