PAW Patrol: The Movie – New characters and returning characters (and who plays them)


Here are all of the new and old characters from Paw Patrol: The Movie and here is who expresses them. A long animated series for children, Paw Patrol features a group of puppy-tastic heroes who strive to do good in their Adventure Bay home. It’s been running since 2013, with kids thrilled with the team’s canine adventures, and now they’ve made it to the big screen as well.

Paw Patrol stars a young boy named Ryder who leads a team of search and rescue puppies on various missions. Each of the dogs has specialized equipment – perfectly suited to a range of toys and merchandise, of course – and they are associated with a specific emergency service or public service profession. The storylines have been complimented for surprising depth, depicting problem-solving methods in a surprisingly realistic way.

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Paw Patrol: The Movie bring the puppies out of Adventure Bay, and there is certainly enough action to keep the kids entertained. In addition, it features renowned voice actors. Here’s all you need to know about the Paw Patrol: The Movie cast, and the puppies they represent.

Iain Armitage is Chase

Iain Armitage Chase Patrol

One of the main characters of the television series, Chase is essentially the star of Paw Patrol: The Movie. German Shepherd Dog who sometimes takes himself a little too seriously, he’s a policeman and traffic cop who received spy training in Season 2. He grew up on the streets of Adventure City, giving him a bow strong character for the film. Chase is voiced by Iain Armitage, a young American actor who made his debut in Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit, and he is best known for playing the role of the main character in the Young Sheldon TV shows.

Will Brisbin is Ryder

Will Brisbin is Ryder Paw Patrol

16-year-old Canadian actor Will Brisbin stars as Ryder, the human boy from the PAW Patrol who brought the PAW Patrol together. It was Brisbin’s first time auditioning for a voiceover role, and he faced stiff competition to become one of the main stars of Paw Patrol: The Movie. He had to keep his role a well-kept secret for a while, quite difficult considering his nine-year-old brother is a huge Paw Patrol fan. Unfortunately, the nature of the animation industry means Brisbin has yet to meet any of his co-stars and colleagues.

Keegan Hedley is rubble

The rubble of the Paw Patrol

The adorable Rubble build puppy has been voiced by Keegan Hedley since 2017, and he’s also returning for Rubble’s big screen debut. In addition to playing Rubble, Hedley voiced the hero of Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood, appears in The strange squad, and it will then be seen in SyFy’s Chucky series.

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Lilly Bartlam is Skye

Lilly Bartlam is the Skye Paw Patrol

Another returning member of the Paw Patrol actors, Lilly Bartlam has voiced Skye since 2019. In addition, she has also appeared in Point, Few people, What we do in the shadows, and even The Handmaid’s Tale, giving an idea of ​​the extent of his talents. She plays Skye, the female cockapoo who generally serves as a lookout and scout for the team thanks to her helicopter.

Kingsley Marshall is Marshall

Kingsley Marshall is Marshall Paw Patrol

Adorable Dalmatian, Marshall is the firefighter and doctor of the Paw Patrol. He uses his x-ray screen to check people’s wounds in order to treat them, but has a habit of going too far with the bandages. Marshall has been voiced by Kingsley Marshall since 2019, who is back for Marshall’s big-screen adventure. The actor’s live-action debut was in It’s a wonderful microphone in 2015, and he has since appeared on a number of other children’s shows; Furthermore, he is pursuing a secondary career as a stand-up comic.

Callum Shoniker – Rocky

Callum Shoniker is Rocky

Canadian actor Callum Shoniker has been playing since the age of eight and has appeared in a wide range of streaming movies and TV shows, including The boys, Polar, and The silence. He also did a lot of voiceover work, voicing characters in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood and Come on, dog, come on! – and even work on Paw Patrol before, where he voiced Copy Cat. Now he’s stepped in as Rocky the Recycling Pup for Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Shayle Simons is Zuma

Shayle Simons is Zuma Paw Patrol

Known for his roles in Corn & Ankle and Let’s go Luna!, Shayle Simons makes his big screen debut as Zuma, the best performing Chocolate Labrador puppy in the water. A cheerful and good-natured puppy, Zuma is known for his lifeguard orange colors and hovercraft, which he uses to rescue people at sea and deal with aquatic issues.

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Marsai Martin is freedom

Marsai Martin is the Liberty Paw Patrol

Marsai Martin set the record for youngest executive producer in Hollywood – even appearing in the 2021 Guinness Book of Records. The famous actress is best known for playing Diane on ABC’s Blackish, but it is no stranger to dubbing; his voice can be recognized by people like Untamed spirit, Goldie and Bear, and Disney Helen of Avalor. In Paw Patrol: The Movie Marsai plays a brand new recruit – a long-haired dachshund who grew up in Adventure City, who sees Paw Patrol as his heroes and works hard to keep the city clean.

Kim Kardashian West is Dolores

Kim Kardashian West Dolores

One of the most prominent stars of Paw Patrol: The Movie is Kim Kardashian West, the reality TV star well known for her provocative Instagram post. She plays Dolores the Poodle, one of the few “adult” dogs in the show – and the movie as well. Kardashian was thrilled to voice the role, thrilled that her kids now see her as “cool mom.

Ron Pardo is Mayor Humdinger and Captain Turbot

Ron Pardo is Mayor Humdinger Paw Patrol

One of the stars of Paw Patrol: The Movie double; Ron Pardo, who plays the main villain, Mayor Humdinger, and Paw Patrol ally, Cap’n Turbot. The experienced Canadian voice actor was actually involved in Paw Patrol since the show started in 2013, so it’s nice to see him reprise his two lead roles in the movie as well. Viewers may also recognize it from 2007 Hair spray, where he played the host of Hello Baltimore.

Dax Shepard is Ruben

Dax Shepard is Ruben Paw Patrol 2

Dax Shepard left the MTV show Punk’d in 2003, and he has remained one of the most popular names on television. Like many of the names on this list, he’s no stranger to voice acting, and he’s appeared in people like Zathura: a space adventure, Fries, and Idiocracy. In Paw Patrol: The Movie, it voices the role of the bodyguard of Mayor Humdinger Ruben, a new character in the franchise.

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Randall Park is Butch

Randall Park is Butch Paw Patrol

Another big name involved in Paw Patrol: The Movie is Randall Park, the famous actor, comedian, writer and director. Park has had an epic career that even recently took him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he played FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, who appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp and WandaVision. He plays Butch, a stern security guard, in Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Tyler Perry is Gus

That’s right, Paw Patrol: The Movie actually features Hollywood royalty – Tyler Perry, the actor, director, producer and screenwriter who was listed by Forbes as the highest-paid entertainment man in 2011. While his Do one the series is generally criticized and produced on a budget, audiences love them, and Perry is in talks with Marvel and DC to break into the superhero genre. First, however, he takes on the role of Gus, a new Atlantic City trucker who is helped by the Paw Patrol.

Jimmy Kimmel is Marty Muckraker

Jimmy Kimmel as Marty Muckraker

In a perfect casting decision, Jimmy Kimmel – best known as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live – comes in the voice of presenter Marty Muckraker, an Adventure City presenter. Like most characters in Adventure City, he’s brand new to the franchise – one of the greats Paw Patrol: The Movie will appeal to adults and children alike.

Yara Shahidi is Kendra

Yara Shahidi is Kendra

Kendra is one of the PAW Patrol’s most important allies, a scientist responsible for maintaining all of its gear – think of the “Q” in the children’s animated series. In Paw Patrol: The Movie, the character is voiced by actress, model and activist Yara Shahidi, who is best known for her performance in Blackish. Kendra only plays a minor role in the film. She is set to make history as the first black actress to play Tinker Bell in Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy movie.

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