Pirates of the Caribbean brought back Davy Jones’ bad story


The Pirates of the Caribbean series could have revisited the origins of Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones, but instead Dead Men Tell No Tales wasted its cameo.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise never knew what to do with Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones, as evidenced Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales bringing to life the least interesting element of its history. Although many critics of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels blame Johnny Depp’s performance as Jack Sparrow for the series’ diminishing returns, this summation of the franchise is far from fair. While the fact that Depp was nominated for an Oscar for the premiere Pirates of the Caribbean film and a Razzie for the most recent sequel are compelling evidence, the alleged devolution of Jack Sparrow’s character has never been the franchise’s main issue.


Instead, the Pirates of the CaribbeanOne series struggled because the franchise repeatedly sidelined interesting and engaging characters to focus on Depp’s Sparrow and his misadventures. What made Jack Sparrow so appealing in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was that he was a scene stealer rather than the main protagonist. However, when Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones proved to be an equally popular character upon the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chestthe series failed to capitalize on its fandom by giving the villain more screen time and focus on the story, as evidenced by its weakness Pirates of the Caribbean 5 cameo.

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While the original trilogy barely scratched the surface of Jones’ story, the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, 2017 Dead men don’t tell tales, saw the franchise attempt to improve on that misstep by bringing back Davy Jones. However, Davy Jones’ return of Nighy came too late and didn’t last long enough to salvage the sequel. Additionally, the sequence focused on the wrong element of the Pirates of the Caribbean the villain’s story. In his short appearance, Jones was alive again and ready to swear revenge on Elizabeth and Will, but that’s not the part of his plot that would best serve the character in a new one. Pirates of the Caribbean film.

The Original Story of Davy Jones’ Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Explained

Too late for Bill Nighy to return as Davy Jones Pirates of the Caribbean

In the original version Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Davy Jones was in an odd position between being the main antagonist and a henchman. He controlled the Kraken, but he was in turn controlled by the East India Company and Cutler Beckett. He had a vendetta against Jack and had a history with Will’s family, but his tragic backstory with Tia Dalma was barely mentioned. Ignoring this meant that her starring role in the original Pirates of the Caribbean the trilogy acted as one of several major villains in the third film, in 2007 At the end of the world. It was a misuse of the intriguing character that spoiled the unexpected feeling of bitter melancholy Nighy gave the role, and failed to illustrate the tragedy of Davy Jones’ fate by never giving his story enough time. screens for the plot to unfold properly.

The tragic (and underused) past of Davy Jones and Tia Dalma


A minor scene in the middle of the overloaded action of At the end of the worldrevealed that Davy Jones fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso, but betrayed her to the Pirates Lords. This twist was buried in an extremely convoluted plot full of overlapping patterns, but it could have been a moving and tragic origin story on its own terms. Tia Dalma/Calypso was as wasted as the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy as Jones was, with her goddess form only coming into play in the final moments of At the end of the world and essentially amounting to a Deus ex Machina that allowed the Pirates Lords and heroes to defeat Jones and the East India Trading Company. Neither Tia Dalma nor Jones’ Motives have had enough screen time for viewers to care about their story, but it’s one the Pirates of the Caribbean the franchise should have been used more inventively.

POTC 5 Should Have Brought Back Tia Dalma/Calypso


Not only had the James Bond franchise made Naomie Harris a bigger star than ever when 2017 was disappointing Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was published, but the story of Tia Dalma and Davy Jones’ doomed affair was the most compelling part of Nighy’s character. It was the formative betrayal that turned Jones into a monster and set him on the wrong path, which made the plot much more interesting than his fight with Will. In the case of Will and his father’s debt to Jones and Jack’s history with the villain, the storylines presented Jones as a simple sadistic monster who wanted to crush anyone who tried to challenge him. However, in her love affair with Calypso, Pirates of the Caribbean viewers got a glimpse of the human side of Jones, an element of the character long dead by the events of the original trilogy.

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failure Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Davy Jones’ cameo could have seen the character attempt to seek out Calypso now or, better yet, find Will and demand that he bring the two together. This would have made Will and Jones likable characters since both were looking to see their beloved for the first time in a decade, while keeping the plot tension high since the pair were still enemies. Unfortunately, Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales instead, focused on Jones seeking revenge on Will, an obvious storyline that’s likely to produce nothing more than another sword fight and an endless series of chase scenes.

It’s too late for POTC 6 to bring back Davy Jones

Davy Jones Bill Nighy Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

While Davy Jones could return in a new movie (and Tia Dalma too, for that matter), it’s too late now that Jack has left the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Whether or not it’s Margot Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean 6 happens, the absence of Depp’s character leaves the franchise without a comedic pivot. Without Sparrow to lighten the debates, even the captivating story of Tia Dalma and Davy Jones is not enough to maintain the interest of the public for a whole Pirates of the Caribbean film. There’s an argument to be made that Robbie’s heroine could fill the role of Sparrow here, but if that was the approach the creators took, bringing back key characters from the Depp era would likely just remind fans the missing face that was once the focus of the series. So the Pirates of the Caribbean the franchise is at an impasse when it comes to reviving Davy Jones, even if better thinking Pirates of the Caribbean 5 cameo could have avoided this fate.

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