PSG.LGD make two intense returns, beat Team Secret to reach the grand final at The International 10


PSG.LGD beat Team Secret 2-0 and secured a place in the grand final for Dota 2 The International 10 today.

When two behemoths clash, the battlefield is meant to turn into a spectacle. LGD, however, looked very composed and played the sidelines, which worked to their advantage in both games as they swept Team Secret in a 2-0 performance.

LGD played to their advantage and didn’t give the European squad many openings to exploit, scoring Secret’s first top-tier loss to The International 10.

Neither team appeared to be looking for early engagements, which gave LDG an advantage. Their playstyle and draft focused on breeding Ame’s Tiny and building support around it, a strategy that ended up working. A Hero’s Mountain went 2/14/3 and dealt almost 39,000 hero damage – over half of Secret’s team total – on its own for a Beyond God performance.

By the end of the game, LGD was only focused on keeping it a secret until they could optimize their items, find a chance to take Roshan, and then cross the finish line. Once they had a Swift Blink on Tiny and Aghanim’s Scepter ready for NothingToSay’s Puck, LGD cleaned up Secret in the last two team fights.

Game two was much more active at the start, with the two teams trading leads until Secret started to move away around the 33-minute mark. Once they fell behind, LGD went back to what worked and focused on building their heroes, extending the game until the Aegis of the Immortals expired on MATUMBAMAN before they played their cards. .

In two team fights, LGD took Secret’s net worth lead from 20,000 to just 5,000 on a string of poor executions by the EU team, with no buyouts available on the Ursa of Matu as he approaches the heights. Secret tried to mount a defense, but they couldn’t deal enough damage to knock back LGD, the dying Matu, and the GGs being summoned.

The victory put LGD in the driver’s seat of the TI10, the early favorites of the tournament proving they deserved all the hype and took first place in the grand final. They are just a series away from eventually raising the Champions’ Aegis after it has eluded them for so many seasons.

The secret is not yet made, however. Their performance in the top bracket finals was still strong and showed they can compete with LGD at the highest level. Now they must survive a streak in the lower bracket and return to face them again in a best of five with Aegis in play.

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