Stargirl Season 2 teases Icicle’s return


Stargirl Season 2 forces the JSA to face its biggest fears and its biggest villains. Episode 8 reveals the latest villain to make a possible comeback.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Stargirl Season 2, Episode 8, “Summer School: Chapter Eight,” which aired Tuesday on The CW.

Star girl Season 2 rocked the current Justice Society of America, with each member reassessing their moral standing, self-esteem, and relationships. In some cases, this involved confronting members of the Injustice Society of America from Season 1 and their surviving children. This latter situation has particularly affected the young heroes of Justice Society, as they happen to be their classmates facing the consequences of their parents’ villainous actions. The latest to apparently explore this narrative is Cameron Mahkent with the teasing return of his father, Jordan Mahkent, at the end of Episode 8.

Throughout Season 1, Cameron was unaware of his father’s villainous past as Icicle and the sinister plan he sought to execute in Blue Valley with the help of the Injustice Society. When Jordan sought to turn the whole of the United States into a fascist state where everyone followed the same thoughts and ideals, he was arrested by Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl, and her family.

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Courtney’s mother Barbara – who worked for Jordan – managed to block him long enough for her to arrive and knock him off the tower they were on. Jordan broke into several pieces when he hit the road, but he was not done fighting yet. While reforming, he was then run over by Courtney’s half-brother Mike Dugan with a van, apparently killing him.

At the beginning of Star girl Season 2, Cameron lived with his grandparents without knowing the circumstances of his father’s death. He is also in love with Courtney but, again, ignores the hand she played in her father’s disappearance. From what is known of Cameron’s relationship with his father, he had a fairly stable relationship with him and seemed close.

Given that Eclipso wreaks havoc on Blue Valley in Season 2 by exposing people’s deepest fears and darkest secrets, there are three possible reasons for the town to freeze over by the end of Episode 8. First, Jordan Mahkent may really be back in town. The second possibility is that Cameron has discovered the truth about his father’s death and is seeking revenge. Finally, Eclipso exploits the deep guilt Barbara and Mike must feel for their role in Jordan’s murder. The guilt of killing a villain was a major theme in this episode, after all.

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If the first scenario plays out, Jordan has every reason to make his presence known to Barbara and Mike. Barbara was an employee of his organization whom he really loved as they largely agreed on the future of Blue Valley. Where they disagreed was on how to achieve that vision, which resulted in what Jordan sees as a major betrayal. By sabotaging her plans to “save America”, Barbara would be high on her list of successes. Considering that Mike also contributed to his humiliating defeat by crashing him with a van, chances are he has a bone to take with him as well. Since Jordan isn’t beyond child murder to achieving his goals, he likely won’t let Mike get away with it.

If the second possible scenario comes true, Eclipso is likely feeding off the guilt Courtney and her family must feel over Jordan’s death. Eclipso could very well exploit this and be the one to tell Cameron about the real circumstances surrounding his father’s death. Learning that the girl he’s in love with and her family are responsible for his tragic loss could easily trigger the emotional response needed to fully awaken Cameron’s icy powers. With his powers, Eclipso can just as easily manipulate Cameron into killing Courtney and her loved ones, just as he did with Courtney’s friends.

If the third possible scenario comes true, then the frozen Whitmore-Dugan house might just be Eclipso’s hallucination to shake up Barbara and Mike. As the two people responsible for Jordan’s death, he could very well feed off that guilt and even make Jordan come across as hallucinating, the same way Brain Wave did for Yolanda Montez. Given that everyone in the episode attacked the visual manifestations of their darker fears and emotions, it’s no exaggeration to say that the same could be done to both Barbara and Mike as the way d’Eclipso to “kill two birds with one stone”.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on The CW.

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