Steven Spielberg’s Eight Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked


“Jurassic Park,” while a gigantic corporate blockbuster itself, is slyly a movie that lambastes corporate theme parks. Bold, given that Universal Pictures announces its parks at the end of each of its films. Many viewers were blown away by “Jurassic Park” when it first opened, amazed by the film’s groundbreaking special effects to make the dinosaurs look as real as possible. The dinosaurs in question, however, were immediately turned into merchandise and placed in a high-tech zoo to be ogled by the public. Naturally, the dinosaurs are running amok and proving that theme parks aren’t a place for genetic tampering. It’s the attack on safe, colorful, commercialized entertainment that the dinosaurs ultimately commit; it’s no coincidence that the film’s climax takes place in a gift shop.

The science in ‘Jurassic Park’ is, of course, mostly hogwash, but Spielberg has a shrewd knack for doing it. sound plausible. It’s the kind of science fiction that makes real science more exciting, inspiring young people to enter the field of paleontology.

And, of course, many loved the dinosaur thrills suitable for small children. There’s a telling moment when Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) looks at a triceratops and quietly admits it was always his favorite dinosaur when he was a little boy. That’s how the children in the audience felt.


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