‘Stranger Things’ 4 Volume 2: Were Eddie Munson’s Death Theories Accurate?


The time has come to discover the fate of our beloved stranger things characters. The final two episodes have been a whirlwind as the characters engage in the biggest battle of their lives – yet. The main question is whether our favorite new character and beloved metalhead Eddie Munson survives. stranger things 4 Volume 2 gives Eddie a redemption story that will have fans cheering on the character forever.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4 finale ]

Eddie and Dustin are the decoys in ‘Stranger Things 4’ Volume 2

Many fan theories about how the final two episodes would play out were mostly correct. Nancy, Robin, Steve, Lucas, Eddies, Max, Dustin and Erica hatch a plan to stop Vecna. They realize, as does Eleven, that he enters a vulnerable state when he inhabits the minds of his victims. They realize this is their only chance to destroy it.

Armed with weapons from the local arms depot, they set out to lure Vecna. Max, Lucas, and Erica venture to the Creel House, using Max as bait. The second phase of their plan involves Eddie and Dustin beefing up his Upside Down trailer against the Demobats.

Their objective ? To lure them to them so that Nancy, Steve, and Robin can get to Creel House. As Eddie says they’re not the heroes, Dustin and Eddie are the decoys. But stranger things 4 Volume 2 changes Eddie’s story from metalhead to hero.

Eddie dies in a burst of glory after his guitar solo in “Stranger Things” 4

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While the Upside Down is stuck in the past, Eddie’s beloved guitar is still where he keeps it. He sees it as the best way to distract the Demobats. With Dustin’s help, they set up amps above the trailer to attract the Demobats. In the series’ most epic and only guitar solo, Eddie rips Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

He even says it’s in honor of Chrissy. The D&D metalhead shows off his skills, and it works when the Demobats head to the trailer. Dustin just warns him when they need to retreat. But with their phase of the plan over, Eddie makes a drastic decision to save his friend.

As Dustin heads back out the door to Hawkins, Eddie realizes the Demobats are going to break in and put Dustin in danger. Eddie decides to go back and lures the Demobats onto a bike. While succeeding, Eddie stops and realizes he’s doing the same thing with Chrissy – running away.

Instead, Eddie stands his ground and fights the Demobats. Fans were right as Dustin screamed for Eddie as he saw him being attacked. Eddie is eventually seriously injured and bitten by the Demobats in Foreign Things 4 Volume 2. The theories about his tattoos were true.

The metalhead is tinged satanic murderer in Hawkins

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Eddie’s story ends when the other characters carry out their plan to destroy Vecna. Dustin runs to Eddie in stride. Eddie is still alive but fades as blood flows from his wounds. Still, with his wit and charm, Eddie tells Dustin, “I didn’t run away this time, did I?”

He makes Dustin promise that he will take care of the Hellfire Club and lead them in his absence. Eddie’s story ends with him telling Dustin he loves him and dying in his arms. In the aftermath of Vecna’s death, the Upside Down breaks free in Hawkins.

But local news blames the recent spate of murders on Eddie. They describe him as a killer who used the killings for satanic rituals and claimed he had been missing since the “earthquakes”. They also blame Hellfire Club. Fans last hear about Eddie when Dustin meets Eddie’s uncle at a makeshift shelter.

Dustin lies saying he was with Eddie during the earthquake. He answers Eddie’s uncle’s question about his whereabouts by giving him Eddie’s pick necklace. Dustin says Eddie died a hero until the end.

stranger things 4 Volume 2 is available on netflix.

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