Stranger Things Season 5: Millie Bobby Brown Tells Show ‘Kill Me’ After Season 4 Death Complaint


Of them stranger things the stars called the show after finishing work on season four.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have been on the Netflix show since its first season, and while promoting the latest episodes, spoke candidly about their thoughts regarding the deaths on the show.

Season four wrapped up with two final episodes, which were released on Friday (July 1), and those who aired them were eager to find out which characters died. However, each of the original team of heroes made it out alive.

This led to criticism from showrunners, the Duffer Brothers, with many claiming that the stakes for the series would be higher if there were more kills; the majority of the characters that get killed off are the ones that were introduced at the start of the season.

In the resurfaced clip, which was first posted on May 23, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, said packaging: “They need to kill people. It’s so big.”

Brown waded, adding, “I know. It’s way too big. Last night we couldn’t even get a group photo because there were about 50 of us. I was like, ‘You gotta start killing people.’ »

Schnapp said, “They just need to have a massacre scene.”

Brown continued, “That’s what I’m saying. The Duffer Brothers are two sensitive Sallies who don’t want to kill anyone. We have to be game of thrones. We must have the spirit of game of thrones.”

She then demanded that the creators “kill me”, adding: “They tried to kill David [Harbour, Hopper] left and they brought him back. It’s ridiculous.”

Millie Bobby Brown Thinks ‘Stranger Things’ Should Kill More Original Characters


While some speculated that the pair were throwing fans off the scent and that the final season would feature some key deaths, it’s now assumed that Schnapp and Brown’s complaint was genuine.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

The final two episodes of season four kill off Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), who returned after initially believed to be dead in the first season, and newcomer Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

Shortly after the scene of his death was viewed, many pointed out a tragic detail surrounding the moment.

Elsewhere, fans were convinced the show killed off Max (Sadie Sink) until the episode revealed she actually survived the events.

stranger things is available to stream on Netflix – find The IndependentThe review here. The show will end with a fifth and final season in 2023.


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