SUPER HERO hits US theaters August 19


The Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes the film has international release dates for August. Crunchyrollthe current owners of the license outside of Japan following the acquisition of Funimation by Sony, announced release dates and confirmed the voice cast of the English dub. The film will be released in English dubbed and subtitled versions, with a US release on August 19.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the first anime sequel to the Dragon Ball Super series since the 131-episode anime and Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie ended in 2018. Super Hero was released in Japan on June 11 and dominated the weekend box office.

The plot of the movie,

“The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on his spirit, created the ultimate androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids call themselves the “Super Heroes” They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the objective of the New Red Ribbon Army? With the danger approaching, it’s time to wake up, superhero!”

The international release dates according to Crunchyroll are:

August 18 in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay
August 19 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom*, Ireland*, South Africa, Zambia, Vietnam
August 26 in India, Indonesia
August 30 in Malaysia, Brunei
August 31 in the Philippines
September 1 in Singapore
September 8 in Taiwan
September 15 in South Korea
September 29 in Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau

*Previews available for the film in the UK and Ireland on August 17 and 18

The original Japanese will feature the main voice of the anime, including Masako Nozawa, 85-year-old veteran voice actor of Son Goku, who was in the 1980s.

For the film’s English dub, the voice cast is confirmed with the longtime names of Sean Schemmel, Christopher R. Sabat and co reprising their roles from the animated series. Little surprise, Charles Martinet (MARIO!!!) joins the cast in the role of Magenta.

Son Gohan – Kyle Hébert
Son Goku – Sean Schemmel
Son Goten – Robert McCollum
Piccolo – Christopher R. Sabat
Bulma – Monica Rial
Vegeta – Christopher R. Sabat
Krillin – Sonny Strait
Boxers – Eric Vale
Videl – Kara Edwards
Casserole – Jeannie Tirado

The new English voice cast includes:

Dr. Hedo – Zach Aguilar
Gamma 1 – Alex Le
Gamma 2 – Zeno Robinson
Magenta – Charles Martinet
Carmine – Jason Marnocha

Although the Dragon Ball Super anime ended in 2018, the official manga version of the series written and supervised by creator Akira Toriyama with Toyotarou on the art has continued at a steady pace, with nearly 2 full arcs under his belt after the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga arc. which ended the anime.

A new dubbed trailer also coincided with the announcement:


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