Superman’s deadly weakness finally arrives in Dark Knights of Steel


Superman reigned supreme in Dark Knights of Steel, but a newcomer finally gives his foe the weapon he will need to overthrow his kingdom.

Disclaimer: Contains an overview of Black Knights of Steel # 3!

The fantastic world of Dark Knights of Steel is about to get even more dangerous for his version of Superman, as her classic Achilles heel finally made an appearance. The latest issues in the Land of Sword and Witchcraft have shown just how powerful a kingdom ruled by Kryptonians can be. However, a new glimpse shows that a familiar green glow comes crashing down to Earth, potentially turning the tide of the coming war against the Court of El.

The series reinvents the DC Universe as a fantasy world with the heroes reimagined in classic archetypes such as knights and mages. Superman’s mother and father managed to escape Krypton, establishing a kingdom supported by the might of their powers bestowed by Earth’s yellow sun. Enemies, such as the sovereign rival King Jefferson and the enigmatic Green Man, are determined to dethrone the alien rulers, and it looks like they are on the verge of getting the secret weapon they need in the form of ‘a mysterious shooting star.


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An overview for Dark Knights of Steel # 3 by Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto and Wes Abbott starts off with a bang as Superman’s boyfriend Jimmy Olsen gazes up at the stars. He traded his photographic equipment for a telescope and witnesses a strange rock fall from the sky, prompting his squire to draw the attention of the court of El executor, the Bat-Prince. The arrival sends shockwaves through the realm, with Bruce taking the arrival seriously, noting that some prophecy begins with the words “come from the stars. The locals have already taken note of the celestial object’s arrival, as have the Metal Men who apparently seek it out before being stopped by Kal-El’s sister, Zala Jor-El.









The arrival of kryptonite does not bode well for the kingdom of El. King Jor-El has already been murdered by assassin Oliver Queen and King Jefferson Pierce is undoubtedly on the warpath after his son was murdered by Kala. The Court of El once had to ban magic from their realm in order to prevent potential attacks, but that didn’t stop the Green Man from forging a hard-light arrow to take down Jor-El. If the prophecy is well known and speaks of the possible destruction of the El kingdom, any enemy of the Els will rush to get their hands on the green meteor.

“The Gathering Storm” is an apt name for the problem – now available – as alliances are forming now that this new element has arrived. Yes Superman and his family want to emerge victorious by the end of Dark Knights of Steel, they’ll need any allies they can find before the kryptonite falls into the clutches of their enemies.

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