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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – While Polish pianist Kamil Tokarski’s recent Chopin performance at Taipei’s Daan Park seemed effortless, it took him a lifetime to reach that level of mastery.

Tokarski told Taiwan News that his interest in the piano started at a young age. He recalled that his pianist father practiced Chopin’s “Mazurkas” every day, which sparked his interest in the classical instrument. “The piano became a part of my life from day one,” he said.

His parents made sure he practiced the piano daily. He later realized that he enjoyed playing more than other activities, which motivated him to practice even more.

Tokarski said he had always thought of the grand piano to be “a very beautiful and majestic instrument”. Johann Sebastian Bach demonstrated the amazing things that can be done with the short keyboard, he said.

“With many innovations and mechanical improvements, modern pianos can achieve colors and textures that provide artists with limitless possibilities of expression,” he said. When asked what type of piano was his favorite, he said he had preferred Steinway grand pianos for many years, but was increasingly impressed by the “incredible nuances and warmth” of the piano. Fazioli piano.

Tokarski’s career took him to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate. in piano performance and has taken him around the world, but said he continues to learn new pieces, practice daily and challenge himself with new goals. “Every day I discover something new,” he said, adding that “working on technique is a never-ending process”.

Although practicing the pieces is a mentally demanding and arduous process, the Pole said his criteria for a good performance are quite simple: “If during the performance I felt comfortable and had a good time, I usually am satisfied.”

Tokarski said he has quite a few musical heroes, however, if he was forced to choose one he would choose Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a 20th century Polish pianist turned diplomat. He described Paderewski as an “inspiring personality” whose memoirs had a significant impact on his teenage years, adding that he returns often.

Tokarski mentioned that he appreciates countless classical pieces, but the music of the Italian Baroque period holds a special place in his heart. He also praised Pole Frédéric Chopin for his ability to capture the spirit of the country through his music.

The Polish pianist said he first moved to Taiwan because of his Taiwanese wife. He said his favorite thing about Taiwan is its beautiful mountainous scenery, while he said he liked the fact that Taipei felt like both a metropolis and a small town.

“I’m happy to live here,” he said, adding that he found Taiwanese very sensitive and passionate who “love and respect classical music a lot.”

As for his plans for the future, Tokarski said, “I really like where I am and what I’m doing. I’m happy and I don’t feel any need for my career to take me anywhere.”

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