Team Spirit’s International 10 victory: the ultimate race for Dota’s outsiders


The final moments were just a formality as Team Spirit entered the PSG.LGD base to deliver the final blow to one of the best teams in Dota history.

Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek of Team Spirit jumped on a Fire Remnant to catch up with Wang “Ame” Chunyu of PGSG.LGD Tiny. He grabbed him with a hot chain to get Spirit’s Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk Terrorblade to deliver the final blow to the PSG.LGD carry. Without a buyout on Ame, PSG.LGD had lost their anchor, and they were adrift in the open sea. Team Spirit marched to victory, using the absence of Soul to slowly lower the base of PSG.LGD down to victory. that there is nothing left.

Former PSG.LGD collapsed and confetti erupted in a glow of black and gold in the national arena in Bucharest, Romania. Yatoro showed the Champions Aegis, signaling to his teammates that they had just done the impossible. With the lifting of the aegis, Team Spirit was the 10 international champions.

In an almost empty national arena in Romania, Team Spirit makes history with one of the best outsider runs. | Supplied by Valve

The last time a Commonwealth of Independent States team won the International was in 2011, the inaugural event of Dota 2’s biggest tournament, at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The first season of “Game of Thrones” had just come out, and Steve Jobs had just resigned from his post at Apple. Natus Vincere, a longtime mainstay of the CIS scene, waved a check for $ 1 million in lieu of the Champions Aegis; this emblematic trophy did not yet exist.

Na'Vi wins ti1
Na’Vi was the first CIS team to win the International. Back then, Dota was still in beta, there were few heroes to choose from, and the Champions Aegis did not yet exist. | Provided by Natus Vincere

Now, a decade later, Team Spirit is the second CIS team to win the International 10, and they did so with one of the most unexpected races Dota has ever seen.


The history of the Team Spirit race can really be condensed in the best of five final series against PSG.LGD in the grand final; a series full of swing changes, adaptations and some of the highest levels Dota has ever played. And, to understand the magnitude of Team Spirit’s accomplishments this year, just look at their competition.

PSG.LGD were the big favorites to win the International 10. They lost a game in the group stage against Team Secret and handled the rest of the competition with ease. Coach Zhang “xiao8” Ning, one of the most successful coaches on the Chinese scene, led the team.

Team spirit, meanwhile, almost missed out on the International 10 via the Eastern European regional qualifiers. They barely beat Team Empire 3-2 to claim their spot, and fans weren’t expecting them to make it past the first round of the main stage. But, upset after upheaval, Team Spirit made its way to the table to face the final boss: PSG.LGD.

Game 1: A Naga Siren surprised by Team Spirit

During the first match of the grand final, PSG.LGD wrote a proven and effective composition: a scrum carry associated with Lycan in offlane. PSG.LGD wanted to play for early timing where their Ursa could be fueled with their Io, paired with Lycan’s Scepter of Aghanim ability, Wolf’s Bite. In this match, the two teams were tied for a while, but it was Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk’s Naga Siren that made the difference.

Team Spirit’s perk in Game 1 centers around unique item builds and Yatoro’s creativity.. He built an Aghanim scepter for Ensnare to go through magical immunity, limiting the mobility of Ursa and Pangolier. He then built a Bloodthorn to further limit mobility by silencing enemies. Team Spirit recognized that PSG.LGD could not fight without Ursa. Naga Siren divided the map with illusions, slowly choking all the space PSG.LGD had and denying them Roshan’s crucial goal. Thus, Team Spirit secured a crucial first victory in a series where they were expected to win none.

“The team spirit has proven to LGD that they can beat them at their own game, and so far no team in the tournament has done that,” OG Esports’ Sebastien “Ceb” Debs told OG Esports. start of the draft for Game 2. “The team spirit did that. “

Game 2: The Collapse Magnus

The collapse embraces Miposhka
The collapse embraces Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov before a victory in the second game. | Supplied by Valve

Team Spirit’s Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov has been a force throughout The International 10. He has the second highest ranking KDA to offend everything, only behind Carlo “Kuku” Palad. The 19-year-old offlaner has had several outstanding performances on Mars (58% win rate), Tidehunter (71% win rate) and, most importantly, Magnus (67% win rate). The addition of Horn Toss made this hero a revolutionary choice, and Collapse took full advantage of it. Magnus was not banned in the first phase and Team Spirit immediately chose him. Collapse, with Magnus in hand, then dismantling of the PSG.LGD.

A game-changing team fight at 20 minutes really showed Magnus’ mastery of Collapse. He picked up Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang with a skewer in the tower. LGD lost one. As they tried to retreat, Collapse found an angle for Broker both Ame and Zhao “XinQ” Zixing in perfect reverse polarity. In 23 seconds and two maneuvers from Magnus, Collapse crushed the PSG.LGD lead.

From that point on, Team Spirit controlled the vision on the map, holding significant advantages. As a member of PSG.LGD rolled out of base, Collapse would spit them on all of Team Spirit.. Collapse ended the match with a score of 2/0/20, and Team Spirit was one game away from winning The International 10.

“The collapse is too good,” pitcher Trent “TrentPax” MacKenzie said. “He feels it and leaves.”

Game 3 – The turnaround

On the verge of defeat, PSG.LGD once again let Team Spirit have Magnus. This time, however, PSG.LGD built their squad to counter Collapse’s choice: they responded with Rubick, Undying, and Bloodseeker. These are three heroes destined to crush Magnus, and they did. Throughout the match, PSG.LGD sought to stifle Collapse and make him uncomfortable. Result: PSG.LGD took control of the card throughout the 50 minutes of the match. Eventually, Team Spirit fell, their Magnus strategy shattered. The series was then even in terms of momentum, and Team Spirit would have to fight for control of the series for one of the best teams in Dota history.

Game 4 – A dismantling of team spirit

PSG.LGD are all smiles after a successful fourth match
The confidence of PSG.LGD returns after an incredible performance in the third game. | Supplied by Valve

PSG.LGD once again outclassed and outclassed Team Spirit in Game 4, this time taking the Magnus for themselves and creating an early-game squad that Team Spirit couldn’t challenge.

A pivotal moment summed up the performance of PSG.LGD.

Team Spirit stacked up old camps for their Templar Assassin to take over as a means of getting back into the game. However, PSG.LGD spotted Team Spirit and stole the camps for themselves with two backers. Yatoro’s Specter was haunted but found nothing in return. The gold difference in the game was 2000 gold for PSG.LGD just before the fight, and jumped to 4000 by the end of the fight. This doubled the initial advantage of PSG.LGD. With a considerable golden lead and card control in hand, PSG.LGD broke into Team Spirit base in the 23rd minute to end the game.

The series was now tied at 2-2, and it all boiled down to a game for $ 18 million.

Game 5 – The $ 13 Million Game

Team Spirit, the underdogs who have become almost champions, faced the prospect of a setback after two straight losses. In the final match, PSG.LGD returned to their patented Tiny and Lycan draft. PSG.LGD rely on Ame Tiny’s 63% win rate to carry them to the very end. Team Spirit responds with a slower range centered around Yatoro’s Terrorblade. PSG.LGD has put on a timer; if Team Spirit could survive Lycan Aghanim’s Scepter and Tiny combo, then that would be a win. a crucial fight at Team Spirit’s level 2 lower tower was a game-changer.

Despite the pressures from the start of the match, the team spirit remained calm. They were able to fight on their terms and slow down the game from there. Yatoro’s Terrorblade, with time to arm and ignite, was impossible to kill for the PSG.LGD. With a final kill on Ame, Team Spirit stepped on former PSG.LGD to claim their victory.

A few months ago, Team Spirit was barely coming out of the Eastern European regional qualifiers against Team Empire, barely qualifying for The International 10. For everyone on Team Spirit except Miposhka, c was their first international. many veterans came and fell apart under the pressure to perform internationally. But not the team spirit. They may have been young, but their work ethic was unmatched. Even gone the final boss of PSG.LGD stood between them and a place in history, they never wavered and let their game speak.

“I think the (Team Spirit) team has been one of the hardest working teams throughout the pandemic, period.” Said Ceb in an interview with Upcomer “like all the way from TI9 (The International 9) to TI10. They were working very, very hard, I think we (OG Esports) also admired them a lot in terms of the effort that they did, like, everyday, so much. All the little things, they left nothing behind. It was like real grind, you know, and I think maybe that’s the story of this tournament.

Team spirit has now made its name in history, and it is thanks to old-fashioned hard work. There is no shortcut to winning a championship, and Team Spirit proves it more than any other team.

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