Tessa Thompson Talks Being Marvel’s First LGBTQ Hero


Tessa Thompson attends the Marvel Studios ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Los Angeles Premiere at the El Capitan Theater on June 23, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Talk to PA to Thor: Love and Thunder Hollywood premiere Tessa Thompson said of her reprising role as Valkyrie, “You know, the truth is, there’s so much queer representation in the comics. There are plenty of characters in the canon who are gay and bisexual. I think the best thing is for all of these images to be normalized – that they don’t need to be a big talking point. It doesn’t have to be something we congratulate myself, or anyone here at Marvel, because it’s just the status quo!”

“That’s what Marvel is ushering this world into now,” the actress concluded.

Tessa Thompson explained why Valkyrie is specifically known as the “king” of New Asgard in the new movie. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) delegated the role of leader of New Asgard to Valkyrie at the end of Avengers: Endgameas the Asgardian decided to join the Guardians of the Galaxy instead of staying to rule over his people.

By Total movieThompson, 38, explained how it all stemmed from the fact that Thor was originally slated to lead New Asgard before handing the job to Valkyrie instead, saying they “just didn’t bother to change the title”.

“She’s a nice queen. I know there’s been some confusion on the internet in terms of gender with her being king. The truth is that’s the job that Thor was going to do, and then he just gave her the job, and we just didn’t bother to change the title, because the title is ‘king’, and she is like, ‘Well, I can be king. The costumes she wears – we thought that was kind of a fun nod to Frida Kahlo.

Thor: Love and Thunder is due out on July 8.

Watch Thor assemble his team below:

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