Thanos Just Completely Dismantled An MCU Hero With An Epic Insult


Thanos has never respected an MCU hero in the pages of Marvel Comics, but the Mad Titan just delivered his biggest verbal stripping yet.

Warning! Spoiler for Eternals #11 by Marvel Comics

In one of the biggest verbal stripdowns in recent Marvel Comics history, Thanos just knocked Druig off a few pegs by insulting the MCU hero with a speech so brutal the Eternal was almost in tears. In Eternals #11, Drug, who has a more villainous role in the comics than his MCU counterpart, tries to call out Thanos but ends up on the wrong side of one of the biggest insults the Mad Titan has ever offered.

In the current Eternals Executed at Marvel Comics, Thanos became the Prime Eternal and sets his sights on merging with the Machine and retaining the ultimate power of the ancient cosmic race. Meanwhile, to stop Thanos, the Eternals have left their home and searched for the only Celestial on Earth, as the group of heroes head to Avengers Mountain in hopes of having a chat with the hollowed-out space god. Unfortunately for the Eternals, as they search for answers and help, Thanos continues to push his recently revealed imprisoned parents for answers alongside Druig, who is insulted after trying to talk to the supervillain himself.


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In Eternals #11 by Kieron Gillen, Guiu Vilanova, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles, Druig is unmoved as he discusses Thanos’ recent attempt to destroy a city only to threaten his parents with revealing the secret of the answers he seeks. Druig, Thanos’s right-hand man, who looks far more ghastly than his MCU counterpart, immediately regrets his remarks. Thanos verbally undresses the Eternal with an insult, saying he’s “a dilettante pontificating in a living room and only releasing empty air.” Thanos tells Druig, “There’s no poetry in you, and your attempts to pretend we share anything offends me.” The Mad Titan ends his remarks by telling him that he’s basically only keeping Druig around in case his plan with his parents fails.

Thanos insults Marvel Comics

Thanos has always had a particular way with words, and his disrespect for Druig in the pages of Marvel Comics has never been more apparent. While the MCU version of the character is a respectable, fan-favorite hero, Druig in the comics is a weasel who will align himself with whoever keeps him the longest – even if it means being verbally abused by Thanos with the insult. epic. There’s no twist that he’s a big hero like there was in the Eternals. Druig is a scum, and Thanos just wiped his boot with him.

Druig must be quiet in the future unless he wants to be killed for good by Thanos. With the new Prime-Eternal trying to gain ultimate power in the Marvel Universe, the villainous comic counterpart of the MCU hero should only speak when asked, otherwise, Thanos will unleash something much worse than the epic insult he did in this situation. Eternals #11 from Marvel Comics is now in stores.

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