The 10 biggest fights between former allies in the comics


Superheroes are known for their rivalries with powerful supervillains capable of destroying everything they hold dear. Yet the real drama in the comics often comes from the fights between overpowered allies. Many superhero fights happen when they first meet, often misunderstanding leads to fighting the same way as Thor fighting Iron Man and Captain America in 2012 The Avengers.

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Sometimes, however, heroes who are already established allies find themselves at odds with one another. When talking isn’t an option, disagreements between superheroes often end in brutal and explosive ways. One thing is for sure though, when superheroes fight it is always a moment to remember.

ten Captain America Knocked Out Wolverine

Wolverine vs. Captain America

Wolverine has allied with the Avengers in Avengers vs. X-Men, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t faced off against members of his own team. Wolverine was ordered to stay because he planned to kill young Hope Summers rather than capture her if the Phoenix Force possessed her.

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A fight broke out between Captain America and Wolverine, but it was short-lived, and Cap quickly gained the upper hand, leaving Wolverine behind in Antarctica. However, Hope reunited with Wolverine soon after, wanting him to do exactly as he planned and kill her if she loses control.

9 Daredevil was Namor’s most worthy opponent

When Namor is eventually arrested and confronted with the surface world legal system, he hires Matt Murdock as a lawyer. However, problems in Atlantis cause Namor’s release, putting law enforcement in jeopardy. Matt stands in his way to protect innocent lives and gives Namor all he has. Although Daredevil technically lost, Namor notes that he has fought many other heroes before, but Matt was the most worthy opponent of all, even without powers.

8 Spider-Man had to match Wolverine’s brutality

Whenever Spider-Man and Wolverine have an adventure together, it’s usually an odd adventure. While Ned and Peter are in Germany to investigate assassinations related to intelligence agent Charlemagne, Wolverine is investigating there and Charlemagne is a former lover. Logan has no choice but to end Charlemagne, but Peter intervenes at the last minute, causing Logan to rage. As Wolverine goes berserk, Spider-Man must fight for his life, realizing that he has no choice but to go all out and beat Wolverine into submission.

7 Rouge and Carol Danvers have a complicated history

Carol Danvers and Rouge have been rivals for many years in the comics after Snape absorbed memories of Carol when she was struggling to control her powers. They went from enemies to worried allies, but they still had a few battles in between. Carol tries to bridge the gap despite their uncomfortable past when the Avengers and the X-Men fought over the Phoenix Force. Snape refuses to listen, and a huge battle takes place between the two. Snape’s guilt in the past allowed them to put their differences aside, although trusting each other would take a lot of work.

6 Thor and Beta Ray Bill are equal

Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill

When Beta Ray Bill was deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir, Odin stated that Thor and Beta Ray Bill would have to duel to ultimately decide who was worthy to wield the hammer. Both tied, Thor and Beta Ray Bill fought for a draw. However, Beta Ray Bill saved Thor from his death, proving himself worthy of being a hero just as much as Thor. Odin decided that the two heroes were worthy and allowed Thor to keep Mjolnir while Beta Ray Bill received Stormbreaker who was imbued with the same power.

5 Captain America has retained Thor

When the Kingdom of Asgard was brought to Earth, Thor technically invaded a region of Europe with his Asgardian warriors. Thor, the king of Asgard at the time, was dangerously close to starting an international war. Captain America stepped in to make sense of Thor, but not before they had a fierce battle. Steve had little luck against Thor, but his shield protected him from injury. Luckily, Steve managed to get Thor to listen to reason before things got too far.

4 Hulk tried to crush everyone

Hulk and Warbound vs Avengers in WWII Hulk

The Hulk battling other heroes could fill a whole list on his own with the number of times he has gone on an uncontrollable rampage. However, when the Hulk returned to Earth and started the Hulk of World War Event, it was undeniably his worst. The Hulk set out to punish those who wronged him while leveling everything in its path. The targets of the Hulk’s rage included powerful members of the Illuminati group like Professor X, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man.

3 Fighting Bucky was emotional for Steve in the comics too

Captain America and the Winter Soldier lean over each other screaming.  Cap holds his shield and Private Winder holds a rifle.

Captain America fighting the Winter Soldier is a little different because the Winter Soldier was a villain back then. However, he was still Steve Bucky’s friend and ally deep down. Their fight ended when Steve used the Cosmic Cube to restore Bucky’s memories.

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The Winter Soldier reveal was a major one in the comics, as Bucky was one of the few comic book characters to seemingly die and stay that way. Bucky had been presumed dead for decades in real life, and his return had a big impact on Steve and the readers.

2 Captain Marvel started a war with Iron Man

the second civil war

In 2016, Marvel Comics attempted to capitalize on the success of the previous Civil war and the hype surrounding it Captain America: Civil War which came out the same year. The event kicked off with Inhuman Ulysses, who had the ability to see the future. This time, Tony Stark was on the side of limiting the overbreadth, preventing Captain Marvel from using Odysseus’s powers to stop heroes for crimes that had yet to be committed. The problem was, Second civil war just wasn’t as good as the first one.

1 Iron Man vs. Captain America was the battle of the decade

Captain America and Iron Man

The fight that fans know best is also the most important because it was the most impactful. The superheroes had fought before, but Civil war was different. It was a fight that involved more than Iron Man and Captain America, as the superhero way of life was at stake. Even without the biggest ramifications, watching Tony and Steve go about it in a way that no other ally had before was both exciting and heartbreaking. Civil war would be the basis of the film of the same name and forever change the status quo of comics.

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