The 10 Friendliest Anti-Heroes in TV Shows


A classic hero, someone daring, knowledgeable, and selfless, has obvious appeal. They are the kind of characters that audiences would like to see more of in our world and, in many cases, that they themselves would like to be. Nonetheless, there is also an appeal, for many viewers, to the anti-hero.

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Flawed heroes, whether morally ambiguous, ruthless, haunted by their inner demons, crass, or any number of undesirable traits, litter fiction. Some, however, are distinguished from others by their mere sympathy, despite – or in many cases, because of – the very flaws that make them anti-heroes.

ten Spike has become one of Buffy’s most popular characters

Originally featured as a villain in Buffy the vampire slayerIn the second season of, Spike first differentiated himself from the other wicked vampires of the week by simply being proficient and surviving throughout his introductory episode – as well as having an English accent. The next few seasons would see him serve as the primary villain, secondary antagonist, reluctant ally, sworn guardian, and ultimately a love interest.

Spike’s faults are many. He is emotionally damaged, callous, limited in empathy, direct and obsessive. Nonetheless, his British spirit, romantic poet soul, and dangerous fighting skills would make him very popular with the public.

9 Billy Butcher is carried by the charm of Karl Urban

Billy Butcher Boys

The incumbent team leader in The boys, Billy Butcher is a ruthless vigilante and manipulative charmer, leading others in his war against the superheroes who rule his world. He is rude, callous and dangerously obsessed with his fight.

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Nonetheless, Butcher finds fans because the superheroes he fights against are, for the most part, really as bad as he says they are, and he’s one of the few forces to keep them even lightly in line. He’s the classic David, fighting Goliath. Plus, his charm, though buried in anger and bluntness, is genuine, and he has just enough affection for the people in his life to keep him likable.

8 Laura Moon slices the lies of the old gods

Laura Moon has an interesting set of circumstances in American gods. She is initially presented to the public posthumously, as the deceased wife of Shadow Moon, who cheats on him while he is in prison, serving a very long sentence for refusing to betray her to the police.

For many characters, that would make them unfriendly forever. However, Laura gets several episodes showing her side of the situation, and for much of the first show, she’s focused on showing how devoted she is to Shadow, regretting what she’s done. In later episodes, she becomes one of the few characters who isn’t afraid to call out Mr. Wednesday’s obvious manipulations.

7 Malcolm Reynolds is a criminal with a heart of gold

Captain Mal Reynolds pointing a Firefly gun

All along Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of Serenity, is not afraid to admit that he himself is a scoundrel and little more than a thief. Once a devoted and beloved Browncoat officer, he lost his faith and much of his best nature when he lost thousands of soldiers in battle as his side negotiated surrender.

These days, Malcolm is brutal, driven, and an outright criminal, with some of his “jobs” being armed robberies. Nonetheless, he is charming, fiercely devoted to his crew, whom he loves like his family, and he ultimately shows his best nature in Serenity, as he risks his life to reveal a monstrous cover-up.

6 Negan is convincing as a villain, Moreso as an anti-hero

Negan on The Walking Dead

Negan was also initially portrayed as a villain, the most menacing threat that Rick Grimes’ group of survivors have ever encountered in The walking dead. Eventually, an all-out war breaks out between his group and Rick Grimes’s. In his subsequent appearances, however, Negan is a very tenuous anti-hero; far from moral, but also not exceptionally selfish in the zombie apocalypse.

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Negan won fans for the charismatic portrayal of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for the intensity with which he does everything and for his role in the murder of Alpha, a villain at least as bad. Nonetheless, despite his sympathy, he has a few detractors due to his brutal actions in previous seasons.

5 Malia Tate combines frankness, naivety and loyalty

Teen Wolf's Malia Tate

Introduced in the third season of Teen wolf, Malia is an initially recurring character, who will transition to main casting status starting in season 4. As a girl who has spent most of her life transforming permanently into a coyote, she is poorly socialized and juxtaposed. to the fairly typical high school kids leading extraordinary double lives who make up the bulk of the cast.

Malia’s relative ignorance of the world she finds herself in both drama for her character and makes her dear to fans, and she associates it with a fierce dedication to protecting others in her life. Either way, she’s straightforward, often rude, and much more blunt and ruthless than the rest of the cast.

4 Root is a sociopath, but a very popular hero

Amy Acker as root in the person of interest

Root’s time as an antagonist on Person of interest was short-lived, quickly becoming caught up in the mystery of the Machine shortly after Finch’s kidnapping in the Season 1 finale. no qualms other than wanting to help the machine.

Despite killing, kidnapping, torturing and more, Root is very popular with fans due to her good goals, wit, and romantic bond with fellow hero Sameen Shaw.

3 Din Djarin shows his heroic side for the child

Din (Pedro Pascal) shows his face in The Mandalorian Season 2

The character holding The Mandalorian, Din Djarin is presented as an almost entirely amoral character, performing bounties for money, including from the Empire, without any qualms about who his targets are or what they have done. However, he regains his morality when he finds the Child, refusing to hand him over to the Empire and risking his life to protect him.

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His time with the Child leads Djarin to show his more moral side, but he still lacks certain heroic qualities. For example, although he is not malicious, he openly refuses to help in most conflicts, only doing so when he and the child can benefit from it. Nonetheless, his Code and his fatherly relationship saw him become loved by fans.

2 Faith redeems herself from Angel

Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Originally billed as a Slayer turned bad Buffy the vampire slayer, Faith briefly reappears in Season 1 of angel, leading a conspiracy against the heroes that is a veiled suicide attempt, hoping that Angel kills her for revenge. Instead, she goes to a prison from which she can obviously escape and tries to pay her debt to society.

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When she breaks out of jail to stop Angelus in Season 4, Faith retains her brutal nature and outright lack of kindness, but she shows a deeper morality and willingness to sacrifice herself than many others in the game. casting and is more than happy to turn her into biting. spirit against unpopular characters.

1 Jaime Lannister shows massive depth

When Jaime Lannister is first introduced, he’s quite simply one of the meanest Lannisters in Game Of Thrones, sharing an antagonistic role with his sister Cersei, and one of his very first actions is attempting to murder a child. Additionally, in his story he broke his oaths to stab the king he had sworn to protect in the back, which earned him the contempt of his entire nation.

However, over time Jaime reveals that he stabbed the King to save hundreds of thousands of people, and the cruelties inflicted on him serve to make him a better person – with wit and more. intelligence than most other villains. He became an immensely popular character starting in Season 8, and many fans are unaware of his eventual fate – canceling his character development and returning to Cersei.

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