The All-New Firefly Gives a Fan-Favorite Episode a Tragic Epilogue


The first issue of All-New Firefly traces a tragic ending in an episode of Fox’s original cult classic series.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the all-new Firefly #1, now on sale from BOOM Comics

The world of Firefly is one that mixes epic cosmic exploration with dirty realism. In many ways, it’s much more of a western setting in space than a true fusion of genres, especially when it comes to the wandering desperado aspects of the main characters. This is especially true for Jayne, the most morally questionable member of the main crew, who rarely finds a moment he can’t spoil on purpose or vicariously.

brand new firefly #1 (by David M. Booher, Jordi Pérez, Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli and Jim Campbell) even finds a way to piece together a tragic ending to arguably one of its most introspective moments, with the fate of the city of Township of “Jaynestown” turned out to be a truly dark epilogue to this story thread.

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A fan-favorite episode of the season-long cult classic Firefly, “Jaynestown” focused on the crew of Serenity arriving in the small settlement of Canton. A small town of largely indentured servants who worked as “mudders” collecting supplies for vital ceramics used in space travel, Canton was unique in the galaxy for their love for Jayne. The criminal had come across as a sort of Robin Hood-style folk hero due to an earlier visit: the truth was that a year earlier the morally scrupulous Jayne had robbed the neighboring magistrate and, in the chaos of his escape , had been forced to drop out. of his stolen funds on the city. Despite hearing the truth about Jayne at the end of the episode, a Canton citizen still gave his life for his hero before the crew escaped – leaving Jayne shaken as the Serenity departed.

However, any hope of Canton recovering seems to have dried up and faded. brand new firefly reveals that in the present day Jayne is punched in the mouth by a brother of one of the Mudders who had idolized Jayne Cobb as the hero of Canton, and that the town never stopped believing in him. They apparently continued to hope for Jayne’s return one day, especially since “the mud started to dry”. However, completely unaware of this, Jayne and the rest of the universe never noticed. Instead, the Mudders were either forced to abandon Canton for greener pastures or died out. Furious that his brother is one of the latter, the man attacking Jayne is close to killing before Jayne gets the upper hand and delivers a brutal beating that lands him in jail.

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It’s a tragic reminder that many people who have helped the Serenity Crew over the years have paid the price. Notably, many of their contacts were wiped out during Serenity as part of the agent’s mission to hunt down River. But it’s especially tragic because of how Canton always believed in Serenity’s worst member. Even seeing the real version of Jayne – an angry, brutal man who doesn’t understand why anyone would sacrifice themselves for him – might dissuade them from the idea that he was a hero.

In that sense, their hero has let them down in their greatest need. But in reality, their hero never really existed, and the real Jayne has been far too busy flying and fighting to survive the greatest verse. It’s a broader reminder of how things tend to go wrong in the Serenity crew’s wake, and a good showcase that while they may be heroes, the crew can’t really save much. more than themselves – and even sometimes can’t handle it.

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