The Avengers could be replaced in the MCU


Kevin Feige has suggested Avengers: Endgame could be the MCU’s final Avengers movie. Could it be time for Marvel to turn to new superhero teams?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has entered uncharted territory. Ever since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury first appeared after the end credits of Iron Man back in 2008 to talk to Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative, the MCU was set on the path to the epic crossover event that was Avengers: Endgame. Each new release from Marvel Studios added to the lore of what would become the Infinity Saga, gradually introducing Infinity Stones, assembling the Avengers, and reassembling the Guardians of the Galaxy, all to set the stage for a climactic final battle against the menace. ultimate for the universe to Thanos. . But now that the battle has been fought, Thanos has been defeated, and the Avengers have scattered, Marvel fans are all wondering what’s next.

Marvel’s release schedule for Phase 4 of the MCU has been announced, and the first projects – including Disney+ series and feature films – have already landed. However, unlike previous phases, this time there is no new avengers movie lined up as a grand finale. While Marvel’s interconnected universe still sees characters from different movies cross paths – last year Spider-Man: No Coming Home saw Spider-Man reunite with Doctor Strange in the next Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff will join forces – fans are wondering when or if the Avengers will reunite.

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Avengers Endgame

In the recent marvel studios Assembled: The Creation of the EternalsMarvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke about the completion of the Infinity Saga, including Avengers: Endgame like “the final avengers movie. “It caused a stir among fans, and several creative interpretations of Feige’s words emerged. One wonders if Feige simply meant End of Game was the final avengers Infinity Saga movie or the final movie featuring the original six Avengers. Obviously, fans are still expecting to see the next Avengers team hit the big screen beyond Phase 4. But maybe End of Game was supposed to be the final avengers movie. And maybe it should be.

So far, Phase 4 has introduced the concept of the Multiverse to the MCU, brought the Celestial Creators and Enders of the world into play, and brought Shang-Chi into the mythical dimension of Ta Lo to battle a dragon. While the Avengers have regularly clashed with aliens, robots, and megalomaniacs, Phase 4 seems to be moving into a more mythical realm of god-like beings, alternate planes of existence, and reality-altering forces. The threats the MCU now faces become more abstract and less susceptible to hits from a vibranium shield or repulsor blast. Perhaps the Avengers aren’t the best team to battle such strange forces.

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New superhero teams are beginning to appear in the MCU alongside these godlike antagonists. The incumbent team Eternals are the creation of such a cosmic adversary, the Celestial Prime, Arishem. While the supposed gods of Asgard have already played a major role in MCU continuity, Arishem is perhaps the closest the MCU has come to introducing a real god, as the literal creator of the universe. However, the Eternals of Earth turned against their creator, whose grand design would have seen the planet destroyed. With a post-credits scene revealing a family connection between the Eternals and Thanos, previously considered the MCU’s most powerful being, the Eternals look set to take center stage in future battles with cosmic forces.

The Fantastic Four are also set to make their MCU debut in the not-too-distant future. Marvel’s First Family regularly sees its superpowers play second fiddle to the scientific know-how and resources at their disposal, seeing them travel through time and space to take on threats like the planet-eating ancient Galactus and Kang the Conqueror. . Kang is, of course, set to become a major villain in the post-Infinity Saga MCU, having seemingly been introduced via its variant, He Who Remains, in Loki.

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In addition to the Eternals and Fantastic Four, the recently released full trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may tease the coming of an MCU/multiversal iteration of the Illuminati, including Doctor Strange and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. In the comics, the Illuminati was a secret organization made up of the greatest minds from all corners of Earth’s superhero community, committed to defending the world against extraterrestrial and multiversal threats.

Teams of superheroes such as the Eternals, Fantastic Four, and Illuminati, who use their knowledge of cosmic threats and their greatest abilities to combat them, are best equipped to defend an MCU that now finds itself facing walls. between collapsing universes, tyrants meddling with time, and would-be gods threatening to obliterate Earth on a whim. The existential threats currently rising within the MCU will have to be fought by the heroes who rely on greater understanding, experience, and resources to protect Earth, rather than the sheer might of the Avengers.

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