The Avengers pay homage to one of Marvel’s most iconic covers


Namor has proven himself to be the Avengers’ new powerhouse, replicating the Hulk’s legendary feat of strength that was celebrated in a Secret Wars cover.

Warning: Contains spoilers for avengers #54

One of the most iconic covers in Marvel Comics history came to life in avengers #54. Namor the submarine supported the weight of Avengers Mountain on his back, just like the Pontoon held an entire mountain during the original Secret Wars series.

During Secret Wars (by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and John Beatty), two groups of Marvel’s hottest superheroes and villains have been whisked away by a mysterious, omnipotent being called the Beyonder to battle on a planet created just for this purpose. contest, Battleworld. The prize for the winners would be to grant any wish, but first they had to kill their opponents. While the villains were eager to do so, the heroes decided to take defensive stances and try to find a way out of this cruel game. After a surprise attack by the villains, the heroes were injured and on the run. Molecule Man, Owen Reece, used his incredible powers to lift an entire mountain range and bring it down on the heroes’ heads, seemingly killing them on the spot. However, Iron Man was able to dig a girl out of the rock, and Hulk used his massive strength to prop up the entire mountain, supporting its weight for a few minutes, while Reed Richards found a way out of it. It was an epic moment for the Hulk, celebrated on the cover of Secret Wars #4.


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In avengers #54 (by Jason Aaron, Juan Frigeri, and David Curiel), something similar happened. Avengers Mountain, the base built inside the corpse of a Celestial, was attacked by two of the Multiversal Masters of Evil, Doom Supreme and Kid Thanos. They planted bombs that brought down the mighty structure at the end of issue #53, seemingly trapping Namor, Black Panther, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), and a Deathlok cyborg beneath the rubble. However, in issue #54, Namor is shown supporting much of the debris (with help from T’Challa, but the King of Atlantis will never admit this). This feat buys Valkyrie time to use her medical expertise to perform emergency surgery on the Deathlok, saving his life. It was another epic moment for Namor (and Black Panther) that showed off his mighty power.

Hulk’s feat during Secret Wars had a deeper meaning. The Jade Giant was eventually able to control his transformations and retain Bruce Banner’s intellect, after absorbing massive amounts of gamma radiation, but he was paranoid about losing his mental faculties again. These worries distracted him from his guard duties, leading to the villains’ attack catching the heroes off guard. Hulk made up for this error by supporting the weight of a mountain range on his back, even though Reed Richards had to provoke him with insults to make him angry, and therefore stronger. It was certainly an iconic moment that left its mark on Marvel history. Namor’s show of force likely won’t have the same effect, but it still cements him as the new powerhouse of the Avengers, after She-Hulk persuaded him to join the team recently.

Secret Wars was the first company-wide crossover, and its enormous success created a tradition of “Marvel Comics events” that endures to this day. Namorthe scene in avengers #54 is proof of Secret Warslasting legacy and a lovely reminder of one of the most iconic sequences and covers in Marvel history.

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