The Batman Collectibles: eBay Buyer’s Guide


5 – Hot Toys Batmobile

If your tastes lean towards high-end collectibles, allow us to steer you towards Hot Toys’ Batmobile from The black Knight. This incredibly detailed ⅙ scale replica of the movie’s iconic tumbler comes from Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece line and is as much a conversation piece as you’d imagine. (For those of you who prefer the 1989 Batman Batmobile or the camouflaged Tumbler of The dark knight risesHot Toys also has them available).

The Booming DC Trading Card Market

1 – Superman in the Jungle Trading Cards

The history of Superman trading cards dates back almost to the birth of the character himself. The first line of cards based on the Man of Steel dates back to 1940, and an immensely popular line based on the Superman a TV series followed in 1966. Two years later, what is by far the coolest and weirdest bubblegum cards to ever feature Krypton’s Last Son: Topps’ superman in the jungle line. Richly illustrated by the legendary Norman Saunders (who also did the art on Topps’ beloved Martian attacks and Batman line of television series, in addition to being one of the minds behind Wacky packages).

The story reveals that Perry White sends Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen to Africa to investigate why a local tribe has apparently gone mad. The reason behind the chaos is, you guessed it, that Lex Luthor and Supes have to do battle with such fearsome creatures as pythons, spiders, and gigantic King Kong-style apes to save the day.

The series is hard to find in its original Topps imprint (a slightly revamped UK imprint dominates the collectors’ market), but those with the patience and cash to track down the original 66-card deck will be treated to one of Superman’s most fascinating adventures. This set of cards contains soft images that are considered outdated, even offensive, from a 2022 perspective. superman in the jungle a complicated collectible indeed.


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