The best Star Wars characters of all time, ranked by ranking


the star wars The series has a huge cast of characters, having started in 1977 and now spanning multiple TV shows and movies. Still, fans voted private soldier to pick the heroes and villains they cared about more than any other.

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With the galaxy far away now comprising so many people, it’s interesting to see who makes the cut for the top 10 characters. Since there are thousands of votes cast for each option available, there is no doubt that those chosen are by the unanimous choice of the star wars fan base.

ten Grogu

Grogu uses the Force in The Book of Boba Fett

It is hard to find unpopular opinions about Grogu in star wars, mainly because there is nothing invaluable about this child. His role was to shape Din Djarin’s characterization, as Grogu brought out Djarin’s fatherly side simply by his presence.

Fans loved Grogu the moment he made his first appearance, with the character initially dubbed “Baby Yoda.” Grogu’s childlike innocence and potential as a Jedi made him highly interesting and lovable in equal measure, with fans by no means done with following the child’s adventures.

9 chewbacca

Chewbacca is by no means an unpopular star wars character even though he was largely cast in supporting roles. As Han Solo’s sidekick, Chewie served as the former’s constant companion, to the point where he was there to witness his final moments.

Chewie’s role as the most trusted friend one could have is key to establishing that there is true good in a galaxy filled with tyrants. Chewie’s dialogue may not be in English, but pretty much every fan knows what he’s saying simply because of the connection he made with the audience.


8 R2-D2

R2-D2 in Boba Fett's book episode 6

There’s no doubt that R2-D2 is everyone’s favorite star wars droid, with the character sharing the honor with C-3PO of being in all Skywalker saga films. R2-D2 is more of a mascot than anything, which is why he commands such a large fan base.

Audiences largely see R2-D2 as a representation of the quirky universe that Star wars is supposed to be. Additionally, the droid can fit into any story setting and make sense since its role is to stand alongside the heroes with the intention of dropping off some sort of necessary information.

7 The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian Season 2

Rarely has a new character met with such success, but Din Djarin is proof that star wars may very well shine under the Disney banner. The Mandalorian is a prime example of a badass character with a huge heart, being Grogue’s protector in addition to his role as a bounty hunter.

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Each episode brings new revelations to Din Djarin’s backstory, creating a full characterization that’s been rare to see lately. star wars media. With the continuation of the television series, it is likely that it will climb further in the rankings to establish itself as a star wars Legend.

6 Han Solo

The series’ coolest protagonist, Han Solo is Harrison’s most iconic character, remaining an anti-hero throughout his story that fans have loved. He was the rogue, unorthodox hero who balanced Luke’s attitude to perfection, and the show honed that duo to the hilt.

Han’s penchant for one-liners, evil persona, and refusal to be controlled is just what was needed to shake things up. In a series known primarily for its naturally powerful characters, Han has managed to stand out simply by being himself and finding ways to defeat his enemies through his courage and determination.

5 Ahsoka Tano

It’s almost unheard of for a film that has been widely negatively received for bringing out such a beloved character. Ahsoka debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Warsbecoming perhaps the only good thing to come out of this movie, being Anakin Skywalker’s contrasting apprentice who captured fans’ interest.

Ahsoka’s popularity has proven such that she has been adapted into live-action, now appearing regularly on Disney+ shows with a self-titled series to follow. Ahsoka’s complex personality and inner conflicts is what continues to be appealing, with just about every interaction she’s had with other characters proving memorable.

4 luke skywalker

Luke Skywalker gazes at the two suns on Tatooine

The series’ original hero remains held in high esteem nearly five decades after his first appearance. Luke was the audience substitute in the star wars universe, growing from a naive boy on Tatooine to a true Jedi who became a legendary master of the Force.

Audiences loved following Luke’s adventures across the galaxy as he battled with his father, both to preserve the resistance’s efforts and to redeem Darth Vader. Luke is the eternal hero who star wars fans largely consider the face of the franchise. With a decorated story, he continues to appear in the series timeline.

3 yoda

Master Yoda in the night

The wise Jedi master is famous for his way of speaking and the way he absolutely possesses anyone who challenges him to a duel. Yoda’s wisdom proved instrumental in conveying to viewers what the Force is and what a true hero is meant to be.

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It’s considered the fan’s safe haven, as fans of the show know Yoda’s presence will make things better. Yoda can be both funny and intimidating, allowing the character to adapt to any type of situation, whether it’s major conflict or light-hearted material.

2 Obi Wan Kenobi

Possibly responsible for most memes to come out of star wars, Obi-Wan is nevertheless a comforting presence for fans. His calm demeanor makes him a splendid father figure and mentor to Luke and Anakin, while his own arc from young Padawan to Jedi master was beautifully detailed.

Obi-Wan’s skill with the lightsaber remains the weapon’s best use, the younger version’s fights are still worth a look. He had superb chemistry with Luke and Anakin that defined both the prequel and the original trilogies, and it helps that Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor’s portrayals do the character full justice.

1 dark Vador

Darth Vader in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

There really couldn’t have been a bigger fan favorite than Darth Vader, who is the poster child for the archetypal tragic villain. The prequel trilogy delved into his past as Anakin Skywalker while the original series detailed his servitude to Palpatine which was dispelled by love for his son.

Of course, there’s the fact that Darth Vader is just too cool to ignore, filling in the highlights with his use of the Force and slaughtering Rebel forces with his lightsaber proficiency. Primarily, it follows his life from beginning to end and witnessing his redemption arc which testifies to Vader’s role as a perfectly written character.

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