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As The Flash Season 8 escalates its fiery murder mystery, the deadly plot could involve the return of Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm.

The Flash Ronnie Raymond Robbie Amell

The following contains spoilers for the flash Season 8, episode 10, “Reckless,” airs Wednesday, April 7 on The CW.

Of all the heroes who helped Team Flash defend Central City, the most tragic was Ronnie Raymond, better known as the nuclear superhero Firestorm. Gaining his powers after the particle accelerator explosion that launched the Arrowverse series, Firestorm sacrificed his life to save Central City from a singularity that threatened to consume him at the start of the flash Season 2. However, as the flash Season 8 pits the team on the hunt for a feisty serial killer, the shadowy antagonist may somehow bond with Ronnie and provide him with the means for a surprise return.

Earlier in Season 8, a pyrokinetic metahuman began killing people around Central City, with Barry Allen and Chester P. Runk deducing that he was drawn to feelings of grief when trying to manipulate Chester. Nicknamed Black Flame, the killer began threatening Frost, prompting Team Flash to attempt to lure Black Flame out and trap them. The villain managed to escape and then approached Caitlin Snow, but rather than threatening her, Black Flame spoke to her unequivocally in Ronnie’s voice.

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That’s not to say Black Flame isn’t pulling another trick on Caitlin – the entity had previously appeared in Chester in the form of her late father Quincy. Black Flame might attempt a similar trick to trick Caitlin into letting her guard down and making her his next victim. Black Flame seems to be a little more sincere in its approach to Caitlin, but much of this fiery figure – including her identity and origins – still remains an open mystery. Since Caitlin and Ronnie were engaged before her death, Caitlin has been emotionally deprived for years and Black Flame may seek to exploit this grief.

Black Flame’s dark fire aspect and nuclear fusion nature is reminiscent of DC Comics’ supervillain Deathstorm. Originally appearing as the undead Black Lantern version of Firestorm, Deathstorm was able to emerge from the Firestorm Matrix as a standalone character after Ronnie’s resurrection. Possessing all of Firestorm’s powers and abilities, Deathstorm is drawn to raw human emotions, much like Black Flame’s alleged motive.

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An alternate universe version of Deathstorm has already appeared in the flash Season 2 as Firestorm from the morally inverted Earth-2. This Deathstorm was not an undead vision of Ronnie, but a living figure who terrorized his world alongside his wife Killer Frost. The Earth-2 Deathstorm was killed by Zoom when he injured The Flash, while the rest of the universe was destroyed during the DCTV “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event. Characters from other DCTV worlds have since been merged into the Arrowverse and a form of Deathstorm from Earth-2 may have been carried over.

Reports of Robbie Amell’s return to the Arrowverse surfaced midway through production on Season 8, with Amell previously expressing his willingness to return prior to the announcement. The full nature of Black Flame and the entity’s relationship to Ronnie Raymond remains unconfirmed, but Black Flame has already accrued the full body count. If Ronnie is indeed back, he has a lot to answer for when he reunites with Team Flash.

Developed for TV by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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