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If there’s one thing video games have taught gamers, it’s that aliens are scary. Necromorphs, Xenomorphs, and Flood are just a few of the terrifying creatures that exist beyond our solar system that want to murder, kidnap, or both. But in a universe filled with endless possibilities, there have to be nice aliens, right?

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Fortunately, there are. The movies have shown us that for every Predator or Thing, there’s also an ET or a Stitch. And in video games, there are plenty of examples of aliens being as friendly as they come. So let’s take a look at the nicest aliens in all of video games!


ten Elvis (Perfect Dark)

Perfect Dark is the unofficial sequel to GoldenEye, starring Joanna Dark as she tries to prevent an alien catastrophe between rival corporations from destroying Earth. When there’s the threat of intergalactic war, there has to be at least someone with a sense of humor. In Perfect Dark, it’s Elvis.

Elvis doesn’t have a wonderful baritone voice and doesn’t shake his hips. Instead, he’s your classic big-headed gray alien who loves the United States of America. First seen when Joanna saves him from Area 51, Elvis is always ready to give her a gun, while doing his best to maintain a cheerful disposition. It is even essential to save Joanna’s life at the very end of the game! Seeing them leave together shows how close they are.

9 Baby Metroid (Metroid)

The titular enemies of the Metroid series are terrifying arthropods that feed on the life energy of all living creatures around them. They have no known predators other than Samus Aran, and there’s always tension whenever you fight one in the game. That’s why it’s so surprising when you get help at the end of Super Metroid.

While exterminating all the Metroids, Samus found one called Baby which she kept alive and raised. Eventually, Baby escaped, but when Samus was about to die at the hands of Mother Brain, Baby returned. He restored Samus’ life force and fought with Mother Brain, sacrificing himself so Samus would have a chance of victory. Although the entire species is known to have taken life, the baby Metroid showed kindness by giving his life for the only creature that ever showed him love.

8 Buzz Buzz (earthbound)

Some aliens are humanoid. Others are insectoids. And some of them are literally just a bug. But what Earthbound’s Buzz Buzz lacks in size, he more than makes up for in strength and kindness. Seriously, how many beings would time travel via a meteorite to save a completely different species?

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What really highlights Buzz Buzz’s cuteness is Pokey’s cowardice. As Pokey hides from battle and thinks only of himself, Buzz Buzz will defend the people he has just encountered with a PSI shield and provide advice. All of this makes his sudden death at the hands of Pokey’s mother, Lardna, all the more tragic. Even though Buzz Buzz is not a bee, he has a great similarity. It seems small and insignificant, but its impact is bigger than anyone could realize.

seven Friend (Another World)

Another World (or Out Of This World in North America) tells the story of Lester Knight Chaykin, who is sent to another planet after the particle accelerator he is experimenting on is struck by lightning. After being captured by aliens and put in prison, Lester meets a captive he calls Buddy – aptly named.

Buddy is always there for Lester, defending him against the guards and guiding him through the prison at the cost of his own capture. It’s sad at first, but it pays off every time you see him escaping alongside you. This is also true for the great escape at the end, where Lester and Buddy soar over the horizon. Buddy isn’t the most emotional alien here, but his dedication to helping his friend is something everyone can relate to.

6 Abe (Oddworld)

The Mudokons have a sad history. Once the dominant race of Oddworld, they became a race born into slavery after the Glukkons turned on them. And once Abe finds out his entire race is going to be turned into popsicles, he escapes RuptureFarms, the meat processing plant he’s always lived in.

However, once he escapes and learns the truth about the mistreatment of his people, Abe returns to rescue the Mudokons from RuptureFarms. Yes, he may be clumsy, gullible and naive, but he still has a heart of gold and will help anyone in need. He also literally becomes a Christ figure for the Mudokons. If you are compared to Jesus, you must be nice.

5 The Prince (Katamari Damacy)

Even though The Prince is the main character in Katamari Damacy, he has never been the focus of public concern. That honor has always gone to the king of all cosmos, who will always tell you that’s the way it should be. But what can’t be denied is that the Prince is one of the kindest and most helpful aliens to ever exist.

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The whole first game is about how the prince helps the king of all cosmos clean up the universe, after destroying all the stars in a drunken stupor. Each game that follows is only the Prince who fulfills the demands of all the occupants of the Earth. You could argue that the prince is doing this just because the king told him to, or that rolling those Katamari actually destroys someone’s life, but there’s something about that sweet little face that says “I’m here for you and that’s it. it’ll be fine.” And I believe it.

4 Mission Vao (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

To this day, people still cite Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as their favorite Star Wars game of all time, and it’s easy to see why. The story is incredibly deep and the various characters are some of the best in the franchise, including psychotic assassin droid HK-47 and neutral Jedi Jolee Bindo. But one of the most profound characters is the Twi’lek Mission Vao.

Mission Vao is not only the youngest crew member of the Ebon Hawk, but also the moral center. Although she was raised in the slums of Taris and her brother abandoned her, Mission is cheerful. She becomes a beacon of positivity among the crew, and she often befriends people who have a dark or hidden past, such as the main character or Zaalbar the Wookie. This optimism makes her a standout character and, more importantly, an indulgent friend.

3 Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank)

It takes a lot to be a hero. You have to be strong, brave and always good. But not all heroes start out that way. In Ratchet and Clank, the two heroes are remarkably nice people. But while robot Clank seems to be programmed as the nicest person ever, that wasn’t always the case with Ratchet.

In their very first match, Ratchet was kind of a jerk. He focused mostly on what would be good for him, like getting a Hoverboard or getting help fixing his ship. But as the series progressed, Ratchet grew kinder to the members of each galaxy. Yes, he and Clank will save the world, but he will also take the time to help a plumber or a chef. So while Ratchet didn’t quite start out as the friendliest alien ever, he eventually matured into the hero we recognize today.

2 Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

The Mass Effect series is filled with different companions that you can recruit, befriend, and romance. Each of these companions has different positives and negatives, and while each player has different personal favorites, no one can deny that the best is Garrus Vakarian.

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Garrus is a turian and is one of the few teammates to aid Shephard in all Mass Effect games. It is also another type of friend. No matter what decision you make, he will support you. He will tell you that you are wrong, but he will support you. Garrus is this timeless friend who will stay by your side until the end of the universe.

1 Kirby (Kirby)

Kirby is an alien, even though most people never think of them that way. They travel from planet to planet on a star and have even been known to operate a robot. However, there is never a question regarding Kirby’s cuteness. They’re not just the friendliest aliens ever, they’re probably the friendliest fictional character ever.

Kirby is the definition of kindness and positivity. When battling other Nintendo icons in Super Smash Bros., Kirby’s taunt causes them to shout “Hi!” while waving his hands. In the Kirby games, Kirby is always nice to King Dedede whenever they defeat him. Kirby even has the form of a friend! Kirby is simple, adorable, and by far the friendliest alien in video games.

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