The Killer Heron, Mayhem on the M62 and the Scousers make a new fan


These are ECHO’s latest lunchtime headlines.

Sefton Park resident eats whole ducklings

People taking a leisurely stroll through Sefton Park spotted a ‘duckling killer’ heron on the loose.

The bird was seen picking up ducklings in its beak and eating them – much to the horror of people in the park. ECHO went to the park this week to try and catch the killer bird on camera.

One woman, who did not want to be named, said: “Every time I see the heron, whether in Sefton or Princes Park, I am torn between awe at what a magnificent bird it is and majestic and the horror that it’s a duckling killer. . It’s just the circle of life, I guess.”

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Overturned scrap truck loses its load

There are still scenes of traffic chaos after a scrap truck overturned and lost its load near the Rocket flyover early this morning (Saturday).

The driver escaped with cuts and bruises after the incident around 5.20am today. The overturned vehicle left the road littered with scrap metal and other rubbish and caused the closure of the M62 in both directions between J4 (for The Rocket) and J5 (for Huyton).

Emergency services are at the scene and warned recovering the vehicle and cleaning up the damage would likely be “a protracted operation”.

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The Tiktok star is blown away hearing Scouse’s accent for the first time

A TikTok star was blown away when he heard a Scouse accent for the first time.

Mikayla Nogueira, 23, has built up a loyal following of 12.2 million followers on the social media platform with her makeup tutorials. She’s on the hunt for the perfect products for her wedding day, and she got a recommendation from Melissa Jade, who prompted her to try her favorite beauty blender.

Mikayla chimed in during the clip as she praised Melissa’s accent at Liverpool. She said, “Can we pause for a second. Your accent, your voice, I was in awe listening to that.”

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