The Love & Thunder trailer bucked 2 boring modern trends


The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder is decidedly different from many modern trailers, with the upcoming MCU movie eschewing common marketing trends.

the Thor: Love and Thunder The trailer created anticipation for the next MCU movie while managing to avoid two annoying modern trends in the process. The sequel will continue the story of Thor after the events of Avengers: Endgame, featuring both Chris Hemsworth’s titular God of Thunder and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally, Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor is set to make its first appearance, with the trailer offering the first look at Jane Foster’s superhero wielding Mjolnir.

Thor: Love and Thunder is gearing up to introduce more than just Thor to the MCU, though. Russell Crowe will make his MCU debut as the Greek god Zeus, and Christian Bale will play the film’s antagonist, Gorr the God Butcher. Introducing a new pantheon of gods to the MCU is no small feat, even if the success of the Disney+ series moon knight and its Egyptian gods prove that deities can still work well in the franchise’s larger narrative.


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the Thor: Love and Thunder The trailer was long overdue and its arrival proved to be a triumphant success for the marketing of the film. Not only did it provide plenty of talking points regarding the sequel and its place in the MCU, but it managed to subvert expectations by being decidedly different from most modern trailers. With a catchy song and only the weakest tease of Thor: Love and Thunderof superheroes, the trailer sets the film apart from other recent releases. With details still relatively rare and Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Villain Missing Gorr, it’s a trailer that feels decidedly distinct.

Thor in the Love & Thunder trailer

Recent years have seen an increase in trailers being criticized for giving away too much of their film’s story. This includes major spoilers revealed in trailers for releases such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but most trailers are culprits to varying degrees. The temptation to put the movie’s most epic moments in the trailer has often backfired by giving away key plot details. But Thor: Love and ThunderThe trailer for deliberately withholding two major character reveals – Zeus and Gorr – seems like a step in the right direction.

What’s more, the Thor: Love and Thunder the trailer uses “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, which not only keeps it in line with the previous trailer Thor Payment, Thor: Ragnarok, but continues to set it apart from other contemporary blockbusters. Many successful trailers use either dramatic music from the film (or a similar temporary score from another film) or a slowed-down version of a well-known song. Thor: Love and ThunderThe trailer for simply uses the beloved track from Guns N’ Roses. The simplicity of the song not only fits well with the content of the trailer, but it gives Thor: Love and Thundermarkets a refreshing tune that also helps build anticipation for the movie itself.

Many trailers today have evolved to fit a certain pattern in accordance with specific marketing tricks, but Thor: Love and Thunderdoes not fit this design. With its simple marketing trick, Thor: Love and Thunder even stands out from its MCU peers and hints at a subversive and interesting film that may well reshape some of the franchise’s best-known heroes. With Thor: Love and Thunderdue out in just a few months, keeping its details sparse and its music light and fun is a brilliant way to avoid common trailer trends.

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