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It’s time to return to Esseriel with Wynd and his friends. BOOM! Studios recently announced the new 5-issue series Wynd: Throne in the Sky launching in August. The series will see the writer James Tynion IV and artist Michel Dialynas partners again for the adventure with the letterer AndWorld Design. The series seems like a fun and dark continuation of Wynd’s story.

The land of Esseriel has grown darker and more dangerous, as tensions between the human and faerie kingdoms threaten to erupt into all-out war. Could Wynd be the only hope for peace? And what will be his fate if he really is one of the legendary WINGS? Prepare to embark on an extraordinary fantasy adventure and discover a world of mysterious legends, ancient prophecies and brave heroes at the center of it all!

Sharing his excitement for the opportunity, Tynion IV said:

WYND is central to how people resist change in themselves and the world around them, and how this fear fills them with hate. It’s about how young people must navigate a world where change is needed and overcome this hatred to find themselves and find a way forward for their people and their world. I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Michael Dialynas to take the Wynd saga to a whole new level. The stage is set, the world of Esseriel is on the brink of war, and our gang of teenagers are at the heart of solving a centuries-old mystery that could change the face of their world forever. This is where our fantasy epic kicks into high gear and gets closer and closer to its action-packed climax. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you.

Dialynas added:

After spending the first two parts of our WYND saga getting to know the main cast and dipping our toes into world lore, we now see some of the BIGGER and BADDER parts of Esseriel getting involved. WYND: THE THRONE IN THE SKY is where we remove the security locks and see how our misfit team will navigate the new dangers before them! Also, for all the fans, I got a little used to drawing so many wings that I’m at my peak in this episode!

The throne in heaven #1 will launch in August 2022 and will feature a wraparound main cover and a Dialynas sheet variant. There will be additional variations per Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapionand David McCaig; Christian quarter; Mike Del Mundo; and more. Are you excited to travel with Wynd again?


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