The X-Men reveal the identity of their new hero


X-Men # 6 introduces Marvel’s new mutant hero Captain Krakoa to the world before revealing the heartbreaking secret behind his true identity.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men # 6, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Recently, the X-Men have become more accepted by the public than ever before, even though they have sparked fear among world leaders and several other heroes in the Marvel Universe. However, in an effort to keep their newfound popularity as well as their greater secrecy, a major mutant has been forced into hiding.

X Men # 6 (by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles of VC) reveals that Cyclops is secretly the new hero known as Captain Krakoa. But the reason behind the change and the effect it has already caused is a quiet tragedy for one of the founding members of the mutant team.

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The X-Men have taken a potentially devastating blow to their new public acceptance. After discovering evidence of Cyclops’ resurrection, Ben Urich was about to reveal it to the public. However, the mutant nation responded by launching a plot to cover up the truth. The Silent Council chooses to hide the truth about Cyclops’ resurrection and fakes his death. As the audience mourns Scott Summers, Cyclops adopts the new identity of Captain Krakoa. Apparently using a different set of powers (no doubt thanks to Krakoan technology), this new hero “joins” the X-Men and is universally accepted by the public. On paper, the identity change covers Urich’s research, and subsequent mental erasure erases any suspicion about the mutants’ resurrection abilities.

It is clear that this decision weighs heavily on Cyclops. The X-Men leader addressed the Silent Council and did his best to oppose the plan, but due to an almost unanimous vote the conspiracy is enacted and Captain Krakoa is added to the list. official X-Men. Apparently using Krakoan technology and an image inducer, Cyclops embraces the new identity and gets down to business in New York City, but it’s clear that veteran X-Man is upset by this development. Worse yet, his appeal to Urich reveals that all knowledge of his old investigation has been erased from the journalist’s mind. It also seems to weigh heavily on the heroic mutant, who arguably feels a bit betrayed by the nation he loves.

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It’s a heartbreaking development for Cyclops. After years of ostracism as a mutant and then condemnation for his actions during Avengers vs. X-Men, he had finally been greeted and accepted as a hero. Working to protect Earth, he and the X-Men had ultimately earned the respect of the people they were protecting. But now he has been forced to turn his back on the acceptance he has always fought for. Even though the people of the world love Captain Krakoa and honor Cyclops’ memory, it still seems hollow to Scott Summers. After years of embracing his identity and struggling for its acceptance, he was forced to return to the shadows.

The erasure of Urich’s memory also shows how far the mutant nation is now willing to go to hide its secrets. While the Krakoa telepaths crossed some ethical lines with their fellow heroes to hide the truth about the resurrection, their treatment of Urich is different. As the reporter previously explained to Cyclops, the search for truth and accountability is not a sin. And yet, just to do his job, Urich had his memories taken away. This is an ethical line that Professor Xavier and his team have opposed in the past, but seem to have embraced this new modern era.

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