There are actually 75 heroes that Gamora has never met in the MCU


Of the many heroes Hawkeye has never officially met, Gamora is one of the few who almost didn’t make the list. With the sole exception of Hawkeye’s journey to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone, the Master Sniper has never been to space, and apart from the final battle in “Avengers: Endgame,” Gamora n never been to Earth. Indeed, this movie is the only time the heroes could have met during the Infinity Saga, and they almost did. They were so close to doing it, in fact, that they were in the same room for an entire scene.

When the Redeemed Heroic Nebula travels through the past with War Machine, she is intercepted by Thanos and replaced with a 2014 version of herself. This impostor ambushes Clint Barton when he has Iron Man, the Hulk, and the Infinity Fortune from Rocket Racoon. Gauntlet and holds it at gunpoint so that she can bring it to her father. The only reason she fails is because the current Nebula and 2014 variant of Gamora confront her before she can take the Gauntlet and ultimately kill her.

And that’s how this scene ends. There are a few reaction shots, Clint picks up the Gauntlet, and we don’t see them again until after the famous “portals” scene. It’s possible, maybe even likely, that they spoke after this or at least traded names, but fans never see that happen on screen.


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