This Kaiju Theory # 8 Explains Why General Shinomiya Might Not Be Dead


Chapter 54 of Kaiju # 8 illustrates the devastation caused by the terrible Kaiju # 9. As Japan cries, Kikoru refuses to cry.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Kaiju Chapter 54 # 8, “Chapter Fifty-Four,” by Naoya Matsumoto, now available in English from Viz Media.

The new hit series from Shonen Jump, Kaiju n ° 8, took its darkest turn, blowing everyone away and destroying any sense of security for Defense Force heroes, Gen Narumi and Kafka Hibino. With the tragic defeat of Director-General Isao Shinomiya at the forefront of Kaiju n ° 8In the tale of, manga artist Naoya Matsumoto now presents readers with a critical mystery: Did the GM survive his encounter with Kaiju No.9?

From chapter 54 of the monstrous battle-shonen, Matsumoto had capitalized on the weight of General Shinomiya’s defeat against No. 9, even going so far as to illustrate the general’s funeral. Matsumoto focused on each of Shinomiya’s grieving loved ones, sharing enough information at those times to hint at a more terrible possibility the general could be alive in the twisted bowels of Kaiju # 9. .

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General manager Shinomiya was defeated outside the panel

Letterhead Kaiju-No-8-four-million-copies

The first parts of the conversation shared between Gen Narumi and Kikoru in Chapter 54 established the first premise of this theory. As the two JAKDF soldiers mourned their loss, Kikoru and, implicitly, Gen, commented that they were too slow to aid the GM in his epic battle, which raised an important note. No one was actually present to witness Shinomiya’s supposed murder, which means no one knows how No. 9 went about absorbing the general into his being.

Shinomiya could have been incorporated into the being of # 9 while he was still alive, which would make sense as Shinomiya had clearly held the upper hand until the ambiguous point where he was defeated. If so, it wouldn’t be a big logical leap to imagine that Shinomiya’s consciousness might somehow still be intact in the new Daikaiju, # 9. The fact that Matsumoto revealed so little about the nature of No.9’s abilities also keeps this theory well within the realm of possibilities.

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Kaiju’s Unusual Sadism # 9

Kaiju No. 9 uses the face of the past general.

Thinking back to Chapter 53, # 9 indulged in unusual sadism as he revealed a new ability he acquired after absorbing Shinomiya, an ability that sets the stage for the following premise of this theory. As he repeatedly attempted to wrap up his battle against Captain Narumi and a full-strength Kafka, No.9 took on the appearance of the General’s face as he addressed the soldiers. He repeated the action, this time targeting the general’s own daughter, Kikoru. While # 9’s ploy may at first glance resemble the typical sadistic actions of a villain, the world of Kaiju n ° 8 is rarely that simple. Matsumoto went to great lengths to characterize number 9 as more than a typical villain.

As Kaiju, No.9 is driven only by logic and survival instinct, not human emotion and desire. This unique feature of the # 9 character makes it unlikely that he intentionally reveals the general’s face to Kikoru after his escape is already secured, as the animal Daikaiju would have no sadistic desire to provoke the JAKDF soldiers in the -beyond what was necessary. The illogical actions of No.9 could mean that he might not reveal the general’s face to the soldiers as a provocation. Perhaps No.9 was forced to don the appearance of the general to share one last look with Kikoru by the GM himself. It would make perfect sense if Isao Shinomiya were still alive in Kaiju Being No.9.

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Kikoru won’t cry

Kikoru wields her gun as she watches.

Returning to chapter 54, Kikoru’s last word is addressed to Cpt. General Narumi and a spy Kafka established the most solid premise of this theory. As she asked Gen to train her personally in hopes of increasing her power levels, the grieving soldier explained that she was sure her father was still alive in Kaiju No. 9’s being. She went on to say that she will not be able to mourn her father until the Defense Forces neutralize number 9.

In fairness, Kikoru should have no way of knowing or feeling his father’s presence within Kaiju # 9, but his statement is too explicit to ignore. While no telepathic abilities have yet been revealed, in a world where Gen wields Sharingan-type kaiju eyes and Kafka controls the powers of a Daikaiju, readers shouldn’t rule out the possibility that Kikoru’s statement is more than a metaphor. She may in fact be able to “sense” her father’s presence. Kikoru’s statement matters more when looking at the narrative from a meta point of view. According to Chekov’s Gun, it’s highly unlikely that Matsumoto will include this line without intending to capitalize on the possibility of Shinomiya returning to a certain title.

Shinomiya’s return has not been officially confirmed, but the final chapters of Kaiju n ° 8 make it clear that the general being alive in # 9 is a definite possibility. Whichever path Matsumoto decides to take, he certainly distinguished his young streak from the shonen pack early on with the gruesome defeat and “death” of the GM, which marked a distinct change of tone in Kaiju n ° 8, in the vein of granular series such as Jujutsu kaisen and Man with chainsaw.

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