Thor’s most epic line just turned on him


Thor’s most epic line has just turned on him, as a former ally threatens to take his throne after his failures as ruler of Asgard.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Thor # 17!

The most epic line Thor never said was just turned against him, and by his own sister nonetheless. Thor is currently the King of Asgard, but while he is more determined than ever to protect his kingdom, his reign has been marred by enormous strife in which he has displayed astonishing pride. Thor’s failure to lead sparks discussion among his family members, as his mother, Freya, and sister, Angela, question his effectiveness as king. As the whole family sits down for a tête-à-tête, a famous ocean liner said to be the god of thunder is sent back to his face, the one he first said to one of the Avengers’ biggest threats. .

In Thor # 17 written by Donny Cates with illustrations by Michele Bandini and Matthew Wilson, Odin, Angela, Freya, and Thor battle mythical beasts in a distant land, but the real conflict lies between them. Freya and Odin are going through marital issues and Freya has changed her divine status from goddess of fertility and marriage to god of the hunt. At the same time, Thor and his sister Angela quarrel, as Angela reveals that she and Freya don’t believe him as a good leader for Asgard, saying: “We know the Black Winter. Of the death of Galactus in your hands. By Donald Blake. From the Serpent of the World … From the unraveling of Asgard during your reign, Brother. We have seen it all. Well … Mom and I would like a word.

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The Swap Between Thor and His Family is a play about Thor’s best one-liner vs. Avengers villain Ultron in the 1999s Avengers # 22. In the issue, Ultron strives to destroy the Avengers as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fight to foil the villains’ latest plot. As Thor smashes the base of Mad Android with a cohort of heroes, he states: “Ultron. We would have words with you. The low-key quip makes it clear that Thor has something a little more enduring than a discussion on his mind, so as his sister throws the iconic moment back to him during their exchange, it’s clear why Thor is so indignant at his response. “Do you, of all people, have words with me?” “

Thor Words With Me Words With You

Thor is understandably enraged at being cast as a villain like Ultron, and takes Angela’s words as the threat they are. His sister confirms that if he can’t step up to the role of king, she – as Odin’s true firstborn – will take it from him, although she at least admits that she doesn’t actually want the throne. Thor bristles at the insult to be offered advice by his mother, but it is a testament to Thor’s downfall that he’s now the one being treated as a dangerous force of destruction.

Thor claimed leadership of Asgard at the end of War of the Realms, and has grown massively since. Unfortunately, however, he allowed this power to fill him with pride and was deeply shaken by a vision in which he saw himself killed by Thanos. Like Ultron before him, Thor seeks control, stopped in his tracks by an Asgardian warrior who is ready to take him down if it protects others. Hopefully seeing one of his most iconic moments of heroism backfire will give him Thor the prospect of reconsidering her approach to ruling Asgard, but if not, fans will likely see Angela carry out her threat, as it makes it clear that she is ready to fight her brother for the sake of the Ten Realms.

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