Titans: Donna Troy casts a shadow over her terrible death


Following his return in the last episode of Titans, a key figure casts a shadow over their inauspicious death.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Titans Season 3, Episode 9, “Souls,” available now on HBO Max.

At the end of Titans Season 2, Donna Troy / Wonder Girl died saving Dawn Granger / Dove and some civilians from a collapsing tower. Although tragic, death was not exactly glorious. There were a number of big plot holes surrounding the death, including the slow speed at which the tower fell and the virtually indestructible Superboy nearby. Additionally, Donna’s own powers make her impervious to many deadly attacks, so the idea that she couldn’t survive the tower electrocution was a little odd on that side as well. Now, Titans In season 3, Donna casts a shadow over this inauspicious death.

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Much of “Souls,” which is the ninth episode of Titans Season 3 takes place in the afterlife. In the story, Donna reunites with Hank Hall / Hawk, who was killed by Jason Todd / Red Hood. He takes her to a place called the Twilight Owl and explains his plan to escape the afterlife and return to the Mortal Plane to help his friends and get revenge. However, Donna clarifies that she doesn’t believe in escaping death and doesn’t want to come back to life.

The two start arguing and Donna explains, “Do you think I’m happy with the way I got out? I didn’t save the planet from an asteroid. I died at a carnival, Hank. A carnival. […] I’ve spent a lot of time struggling with it, agonizing over it, trying to make sense of it. Do you know what I understood? That does not make sense.”

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Conor Leslie as Donna Troy in Titans Season 3, Episode 9, "Souls."

Hank points out that Donna saved someone’s life, but she expresses her frustration that it killed her. She then explains her belief that being a hero is, in the end, futile, and that she wants to “see the next step for Donna Troy”. Much of the episode is then spent helping Donna learn how to be a hero again, and “Souls” ends with her coming back to life.

Donna’s characterization of her death as both embarrassing and inglorious is a precise shot at the exact circumstances of her disappearance. The heroes are expected to come out in a burst of glory, but Donna died in a somewhat bizarre accident. Donna’s resurrection is therefore a chance for her to give even more meaning to her life and to chart a new course to follow, whatever it is.

The first nine episodes of Titans Season 3 are available now on HBO Max. Episode 10 is released on September 30.

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