Tokyo Revengers and Tokyo Ghoul Share Important Themes


Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Revengers have much more in common than their Japanese urban settings. They also share intriguing themes.

Tokyo avengers is a recent and popular manga and anime franchise, whose source material has sold incredibly well over the past few years, while the anime season 1 was a smash hit with viewers. According to his name, Tokyo avengers is set in the capital of Japan, giving it an immediate overlap with another esteemed manga/anime title, tokyo ghoul.

Fans are often tempted to compare these two popular series since they both involve Tokyo. It may seem superficial at first glance, but at a second glance, Tokyo avengers and tokyo ghoul actually have a lot in common story-wise and character-wise, even though one involves time travel and delinquent gangs while the other involves flesh-eating monsters.

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How Tokyo Revengers and Tokyo Ghoul Depict Shattered Worlds

Valhalla vs. Toman Tokyo Revengers

tokyo ghoul and Tokyo avengers both take place in a setting very familiar to many Japanese anime fans, and they also turn the world’s largest city into something truly monstrous. In the shadows of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings exists a horrible underworld with its own laws and ecosystem, and Tokyo avengers and tokyo ghoul explore this in distinct but similar ways.

In each series, hundreds of people are trapped in a dark world of violence and predation. Those who live “outside” are barely aware of the corruption and horror beneath the surface of their city – or at least they stay away from it. tokyo ghoul imagine a world where flesh-eating ghouls hunt human prey with impunity, and these territorial creatures sometimes form gangs like Aogiri Tree or loyally follow powerful ghouls like Yamori/Jason. CCG investigators who hunt down and kill these ghouls often find it hard to keep up.

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Likewise, Tokyo avengers depicts the underbelly of Japan’s criminal youth where violent, law-breaking teenagers band together in uniformed street gangs and savagely assault each other in defense of their territory or pride. There’s nothing supernatural about it, but then again, the delinquents and youth gangs are all too real for many anime fans, which makes it even scarier. Too often, frustrated or lost youngsters fall off the grid and embrace a life of senseless violence and crime, battling in the concrete jungle of Tokyo while hidden in plain sight.

Thematically, both series depict a world that is “false” in tokyo ghoul‘s own words, and the protagonists can’t stand it. Nothing good comes from punks joining violent street gangs, or vicious ghouls and ruthless CCG investigators slaughtering scores of innocent people on the opposite side. Their streets are red with blood in these series, and many of the victims are actually innocent. Tokyo is suffering, so it’s up to the protagonists to fix it and change the future.

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The roles of Ken Kaneki and Takemichi Hanagaki

kaneki ken ini in front of kishou arima and rize kamishiro from tokyo ghoul

Tokyo avengers and tokyo ghoul feature similar protagonists, though the first series is about youth gangs and the second is about Seinen-style gore and monsters. Both Ken Kaneki and Takemichi Hanagaki are relatively innocent and naive male leads when their respective arcs begin, but both are drawn into the brutal underworld of Tokyo to fix the “fake” and somehow create. a better future. Kaneki and Takemichi are serious underdogs, but both are acclimating to the gruesome worlds around them and even begin to embrace their own inner monsters. They can’t be a punching bag for long if they intend to survive and change this world.

The kind and gentle Takemichi travels back in time with the help of Naoto to prevent Tetta Kisaki’s rise within the Tokyo Manji gang and, in doing so, prevent the tragic death of his beloved Hinata. To do this, Takemichi must reenter the world of delinquents and do like them, even if it’s terrifying and painful. He endures all sorts of verbal abuse, threats, and repeated beatings over the course of his adventure, but slowly but surely rises through Toman’s ranks to gain a position of influence and change Draken and Mikey’s ways.

Likewise, tokyo ghoulKaneki became a half-ghoul after meeting Rize Kamishiro and learned to embrace his macabre side to wield the power needed to truly change his world. He hated the violence that ghouls and humans inflicted on each other but had to join the fight and fight fire with fire, much like the time-traveling Takemichi. The great city of Tokyo needs heroes like these more than ever, and it’s all on the line.

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