Tony Stark secretly built his own celestial armor (for good reason)


The Hulk just found out that Tony Stark built his own celestial armor as a precaution to keep the Marvel Universe safe.

Warning! Spoilers for Pontoon # 1 by Marvel Comics below

Hulk knows Tony Stark’s most secret project, as his fellow hero revealed he was aware of his plans with celestial technology and the top secret ARK project. However, unfortunately for the rest of the Marvel Universe, the Hulk, out of hand, wants to use the power of the Celestial for his own benefit.

During the Marvel epic King in black Eventually, Tony Stark was able to bind a Celestial that Knull enslaved with his Extremis armor, using symbiote technology to overtake the mighty Cosmic Being. Iron Man used the Celestial in his battle against the King in Black, giving the heroes one of their best weapons in a fight against his symbiote army. This was not Tony’s first foray into dealing with celestial-type armor, as he attempted to use 25,000-foot Godkiller armor in another cosmic battle, but was unable to do so. pilot. Now Marvel reveals that Stark is not done with the Celestials.


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In Pontoon # 1 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Frank Martin and Cory Petit of VC, Marvel asks what if the Hulk existed to protect the world from Bruce Banner? In the issue, Banner sort of took control of the Hulk and augmented him with powerful technology. As a result, Banner controls the Hulk like a spaceship, as he has created his own mind palace to exploit his more dangerous side. Tony Stark uses the Hulkbuster to stop his former ally, but his gigantic costume is torn. The Hulk goes to Iron Man’s base, where he tells Stark that he knows he is using celestial energies as a back-up plan if another attack like the King in Black’s occurs.

Tony Stark's Celestial Armor

Tony Stark’s intentions with the giant sky-powered armor are surprisingly selfless. He wants to use the massive power of the suit to create a wormhole in a pocket dimension where people can be safe just in the event of an attack from another world-ending threat. Unfortunately, the Hulk intentionally jumps into the wormhole, as Stark can only stand there and watch.

Stark has always been the type to have multiple tech projects going at once, but the fact that he was using celestial energies to build a fail-safe for the world shows just how awesome he is. Building such huge Iron Man armor using extremely powerful (and presumably dangerous) cosmic energies shows how much the King in Black attack affected him and how much he wants to prevent something similar from happening again. . Considering Iron Man’s previous Celestial Encounters, this probably isn’t the last time readers will see Tony Stark’s the most impressive armor to date.

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