Top 10 Most Successful Dragon Ball Villains, Ranked


Programs like Akira Toriyama’s dragonball are enduring hits that only seem to grow in popularity over time. It’s a testament to the shonen series’ captivating storytelling, characters, and action sequences that audiences are still craving after hundreds of episodes across multiple series.

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Most of the time, an anime series is only as strong as its villain and dragonball has an impressive track record with the main antagonists that terrorize the universe. Lots of bad guys in dragonball feature unprecedented power that pushes the heroes beyond their limits, but some of these antagonists actually go quite far in their malevolent machinations before their eventual defeats.

ten Vegeta’s Evil Explosions Left Earth In Disarray

Vegeta has proven time and time again that he is a hero and someone the Earth can rely on. For all the good Vegeta has done for the planet, he’s also had tremendous success whenever he succumbs to the dark side.

Vegeta’s initial invasion of Earth isn’t exactly a victory for the Saiyan Prince, but it leaves Earth’s strongest forces dismantled in ways they never truly recover from. Although he is technically under the influence of malevolent magic or an evil parasitic force, the wickedness produced by Majin Vegeta and Baby Vegeta cannot be underestimated.

9 Gas used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest

Dragon Ball Super ends triumphantly with the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, but the series’ corresponding manga introduced even greater threats as a result of this competition. The current threat that easily puts Goku and Vegeta to the test is Gas, a member of the tyrannical Heeter Force who gains unprecedented power through an unconventional Dragon Ball wish.

Gas’ story isn’t over, but he’s already proven himself to be a rather successful villain thanks to his manipulation of Granolah and technically becoming the strongest individual in Universe 7. It’s hard to argue. with cold hard facts.

8 Cell secures Goku’s defeat and exposes the world’s vulnerability

Cell is a major villain whose superior strength pushes Gohan to become the first Super Saiyan 2, and he even successfully executes Goku, which many antagonists cannot claim. Cell’s destruction is much more regulated than most villains.

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His evil is contained on Earth and never reaches galactic proportions, but his institution of the Cell Games exposes the entire world to his might and dominance. Stronger villains than Cell have appeared, but he’s someone who leaves a huge mark on society and highlights the fragile nature of humanity.

7 Moro devastates the Galactic Patrol and concludes his search for more power

Many ancient evils have risen against the heroes in dragonball, but Planet-Eater Moro has literally millions of years of isolation to let his emotions fester and build the perfect revenge plan. Moro accomplished quite a bit during his short reign of terror.

He successfully organizes a massive jailbreak at the Galactic Patrol, which has consequences that are still being felt. He also regains his youth through the Dragon Balls and comes even closer to fulfilling his plan. Moro is ultimately defeated by Goku, but it’s only because Moro’s extreme powers leave him in an unstable state.

6 Super 17 releases some of Earth’s best and releases Damnation On The World

Dragon Ball GT remains a controversial chapter in the franchise’s legacy, but there are still plenty of compelling ideas being explored in the much-maligned sequel series. Earth suffers severe devastation after Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu join forces in Hell to create the ultimate Android, Super 17.

The construction of Super 17 involves the evaporation of the barrier between Hell and Earth, which exposes the planet to thousands of fallen enemies. Earth is left in utter chaos, which serves the purpose of Super 17, but it’s also able to permanently affect the heroes by contributing to the end of characters like Krillin and Piccolo.

5 Demon King Piccolo exposes the world to darkness and acquires his youth

the original dragonball still contains high stakes, tragic casualties, and even deaths, but those threats don’t really feel serious until Demon King Piccolo demands control. King Piccolo moves the wicked in dragonball from corrupt humans to powerful monsters. Goku is able to defeat King Piccolo, but not until the villain leaves the planet enslaved and terrified.

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King Piccolo successfully regains his youth with the Dragon Balls, spawns an army of demons that attack society, and even after his death he is able to create offspring that is ready to continue his murderous vendetta.

4 Dr. Gero creates powerful machines that continue to plague the planet

Dr. Gero, otherwise known as Android 20, isn’t the flashiest villain to appear in dragonball, but he is an underrated character in terms of everything he does. The evil genius of Dr. Gero is responsible not only for the creation of androids, but also for the construction of Cell.

The androids successfully destroy the world in the dystopian timeline of Future Trunks and even in the prime reality he is able to torment heroes from beyond the grave. More androids come onto the scene after Gero’s death, and the work that Red Ribbon continues to do is indebted to Gero’s past research.

3 Merged Zamasu Almost Erases A Timeline And Leaves Reality Itself In Danger

Fused Zamasu is one of the most terrifying and persistent villains to rise to power in dragonball and the only reason reality itself doesn’t end is because of Omni-King Zeno’s intervention. Fused Zamasu orchestrates an extremely elaborate plan that spans multiple timelines and involves hijacking Goku’s body and gaining immortality.

Zamasu is already dangerous as Supreme Kai, but his plan is so complex as it aims to wipe out all mortals in the universe. Zamasu comes shockingly close to that goal, and he’s still able to further decimate the Future Trunks timeline.

2 Majin Buu leaves the Kai petrified and reduces Earth’s population to their bare bones

Majin Buu has a feared reputation that precedes him and he has established himself as an evil force that has ravaged the various Supreme Kais. Majin Buu is proof that even heavenly deities dragonball are not without danger. Buu takes many forms and successfully absorbs most of Earth’s heroes.

All of Buu’s damage is ultimately reversed by the Dragon Balls, but one of the darkest moments in the entire franchise is Super Buu’s human extinction attack. Buu is then eviscerated by Goku’s Spirit Bomb, but it can’t be ignored that this villain drastically reduces the planet’s population.

1 Frieza blew up many planets, including Earth, and regained his life

Frieza was defeated more than any other dragonball nasty, but the continued upgrades and character wins are undeniable. Frieza is known for destroying countless planets, including the homeworld of the Saiyans, and there are still endless individuals who wish to dedicate their lives to his army.

Frieza is also one of the few villains to actually destroy Earth, even though Whis reverses those actions with his Temporal Do-Over. Frieza is even able to properly regain his mortality and come back into the picture, which no other villain can claim.

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