Top 5: Week of the sons of two heroes


1. Most eligible baccalaureate: Akhil Akkineni scored the first hit despite mixed comments. Pooja Hegde has proven that her presence in the film makes a big difference when it comes to collections.

Overall, the film has completed its second week and now the collections have shrunk but have still maintained their position on the best of the week list.

2. Pelli SandaD: Roshan Meka, the son of the hero Srikanth scored a blow despite comments “outdated”.

The collections were impressive the first week especially in centers B and C. After the end of the second week, the collections decreased but still made the film sit in second position.

3. Dune: It’s the surprise hit of the week from Hollywood. Cities see good collections in multiplexes.

This unannounced release caught the attention of young audiences and the box office sounded good this weekend.

This science fiction film is directed by Denis Villeneuve with Timothi Chalamet and Rebecca Fergusan.

4. Natyam: Released amid decent expectations, the film failed miserably at the box office. It couldn’t even turn the audience’s heads, and theaters recorded meager collections.

Word of mouth is also not positive and this has brought its full cycle to an abrupt end. This classical dance oriented film directed by Revanth Korukonda with Sandhya Raju in the lead role has ended its first week.

5. Madhura wines: This novelty went unnoticed and ended its first weekend in theaters.

Directed by Jaya Kishore with Naveen Kumar Reddy, Sammohit Tumuluri and Sahasra in the lead roles, the film failed to capture the attention of much of the audience.

The directors also didn’t focus much on its publicity, which resulted in the film failing to draw crowds to theaters.

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