Top Gun: Maverick’s Ending Explained


At several points in “Top Gun: Maverick,” we see Maverick nearly lose his wings in the Navy forever. It happens early in the movie when he makes an unauthorized test flight, it happens later when he dares to defy training restrictions, and it happens once again when he finally loses his cover at the within the Navy with the death of a friend and former rival, Iceman (Val Kilmer) – who used his Admiral status to protect Maverick.

This is, of course, the ultimate threat to him, as Maverick repeatedly points out that flying is all he really knows how to do well. He spends the entire movie fighting the idea that he might be out of the cockpit for good, until he’s finally proven himself to fly as a team leader on the mission at the heart of the movie. . A few hiccups aside, the mission is successful and Maverick returns home a hero. After that, the film doesn’t tell us exactly what he’s going to do next in terms of his career, but we do see him back in his hangar, working on that old P-51 Mustang he’s apparently been fixing up for a long time. weather. It’s not definitive proof that he moved on, but watching Maverick soar in the Mustang, rather than an F-18 or other experimental aircraft for the Navy, suggests he started to make peace with the idea that he doesn’t have to be a naval aviator forever. By finishing the Mustang, he apparently ended this chapter of his story.


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