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Behave and be careful were the last words I said to my boys when they left our house. As parents, we pray that we never have to hear the dreaded words, “There has been an accident.” Every parent’s worst nightmare.

On October 24, this horrific achievement became a reality for seven parents in Brock Township.

I cannot imagine their horror on receiving this debilitating news. How do you approach this heartbreaking and indescribable pain? Nothing can soothe these emotional wounds beyond sadness.

Our hearts go out to the parents of these vibrant young teens injured and killed on that tragic night.

I thought of the first responders who attended this call. Firefighters, paramedics, police and civilians who desperately tried to save these teenagers. First responders are prepared, equipped, and trained to handle emergencies, but none of these heroes return home that night without this gruesome scene embedded in their thoughts.

A community is where we live, work, and find comfort and belonging. But what does this community do when tragedy strikes? Getting together when needed is something small towns are good at and the Brock Township community is no exception. This grief was just too close to home for many who offered food, phone calls, and a surge of generosity, but most of all their prayers.

When your kids walk through the door each day, take the time to tell them you love them because you never know if this might be your last goodbye. I am very sorry for the teenagers and parents who were involved in this terrible tragedy and I hope that in the next few days they will find some comfort.

Arlene Spencer is a wife, mother of three grown boys and a special education teacher with a passion for life. She can be reached at [email protected]


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