Twilight Star slams fans for criticizing LGBTQ + portrayal of Eternals


The Twilight star appreciates that there are gay superheroes in the MCU.

For years, production companies have championed LGBTQ + representation in cinema and, unsurprisingly, big franchises like Marvel and DC have also joined the movement. In fact, quite recently, DC introduced the first bisexual man of steel and while that decision raised a few eyebrows within the comic book community, it pretty much proved that the majority of fans are now more open to the idea and existence of gay superheroes.

Eternals Features the first openly gay Marvel superhero

On the MCU side, Marvel Studios’ next offer Eternals promises to break down barriers in the world of comic book movies with the introduction of Phastos, the franchise’s first openly gay superhero who has a husband and a son. Understandably, some fans aren’t overly excited about the creative direction the studio has set for its heroes, with some even saying they’re forcing LGBTQ + representation into the MCU.

Kristen Stewart blames fans for criticizing LGBTQ + portrayal in superhero movies

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dusk actress Kristen Stewart recently met Variety‘s Clayton Davis to talk about LGBTQ + representation in comics and superhero movies. Of course, the next Superman comic book starring the bisexual son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and Eternals‘Phastos was brought up, and while Stewart doesn’t exactly know said characters, she’s happy enough that Marvel and DC stand for diversity and representation.

Criticizing fans who think superheroes should only be portrayed in a certain way, Kristen, who is openly bisexual herself, said, “If you’re happier and more comfortable looking in the rearview mirror, that’s where we’ll leave you, brah. But yeah, sure, go watch all the other movies that haven’t really affected who we are, and we’ll just keep growing without you. “

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I think it’s great that the LGBTQ + community is finally represented in superhero movies and frankly it’s been overdue. Of course, I understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea and it may take a long time to get used to for some fans, but this is the world we live in now and we should be. more agree with these changes. I mean, it’s not like it hurts anyone.

Eternals hits theaters on November 5, 2021.

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