unOrdinary: What fans need to know about EMBER and Specter


unOrdinary may seem like a typical superhero school webtoon, but there are some seriously shady organizations working behind the scenes.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for unOrdinary, created and illustrated by Uru-chan, now available via Webtoon.

Set in a world where nearly everyone has superpowers, the popular webtoon unusual follows a story similar to that of My hero academia. Seraphina, the Ace of Wellston Private High School, lost her powers just like Miro, and the culprit of this tragic event was a shady organization dealing in power-altering drugs to further their own interests. However, it turns out that unusual has two such sinister groups.

The first of these is known as EMBER, which readers have been familiar with for unusualthe first episodes of. Presented as a mysterious organization targeting vigilante superheroes, EMBER’s exploits almost always make the news and are mostly used as a warning to anyone considering embarking on a life of vigilantism. Like a serial killer, EMBER’s murders are fashioned in a certain way: all of his victims were stabbed multiple times and the company insignia burned into their skin.

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More recent developments, however, have revealed that EMBER is not just a typical group of villains, but a government-funded organization. This is mainly the reason why every case involving them is dismissed by the authorities, as well as the reason why the media continues to focus on the act of vigilance rather than the people the heroes pursue. As such, EMBER remains a mysterious organization, and only Volcan – possibly the same person as Valerie – is its only revealed member. Besides killing superheroes, EMBER also sells power-boosting drugs that allow certain scrupulous individuals to wreak havoc in low-level areas.

The one who revealed all this information is the other mysterious group, known as Spectre. Unlike EMBER, Specter has only been revealed in recent episodes of unusual. Seraphina found out about her existence when she was invited to a meeting at a cafe. Leilah, his long-lost sister, is the one who arrived and quickly introduced Specter to Seraphina and Arlo.

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invisible person in unOrdinary

Leilah revealed that the Specter organization is focused on finding abilities, though there are ongoing internal conflicts among her superiors. After learning that Specter had disabled Seraphina’s ability, Leilah contacted and attempted to recruit her sister. The organization’s mission is to spot and assess high levels, but its ultimate goal remains a mystery.

The Kovoro Mall ability assessment mode is part of Spectre’s reconnaissance program, and Terrence, a student with the power to turn invisible, also works as a spy for them. Unlike EMBER, Specter products focus more on damping capabilities than on boosting them. They even have a device that weakens the power of an entire area and an injectable that can completely disable its ability – the same one used on Seraphina.

While most details about the two organizations remain a mystery, Specter and EMBER are both expected to make more frequent appearances in unusual. After all, Seraphina already has a family connection to Specter – and Arlo seems to have a strangely close connection to EMBER.

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