US group Manowar recruits Greek actors for Odyssey-themed song

Manowar at the Release Athens Festival press conference on November 15, 2021

At the Release Athens Festival press conference, bassist and founding member of Manowar, Joey DeMaio, announced an epic collaboration between the group and Greek father-son duo Costas and Konstantinos Kazakos for a song inspired by Odyssey.

The song titled “Ulysses’ Vengeance” features, among other things, a narration in ancient Greek. The song reinvents Telemachus in a fabricated story that follows Telemachus’ personal vision of the Odyssey; the respective roles played by father and son.

The blessing of reading the Odyssey

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“I feel blessed for the very day I was 10 years old and given the book ‘The Odyssey’ to read, which changed my life forever! I always believed that these stories were based on people who did great deeds. DeMaio said at the press conference, “After playing the [Athens festival] last year I just couldn’t believe the fans got stronger and stronger… Odyssey, ”he continued.

Manowar’s connection to the Odyssey and Greece begins very close to home, as one of their crew, Jimmy “Immortal”, is Greek. In fact, it was Jimmy who linked the group to Costas and Konstantinos Kazakos.

The latter is a self-identified metalhead, who was particularly excited to participate in the project. “From a young age, I was a metalhead. As most of you know, those colors don’t flow, ”Konstantinos Kazakos said at the press conference,“ I’m an actor, but I’m also a musician and Manowar was my childhood hero. So working with them was a childhood dream come true.

Father Kazakos was less familiar with the group, however. “I had to explain to my father who Manowar is! laughed Konstantinos Kazakos, “I said ‘do you remember the posters I had in my room when I was 15-16?'”

Odyssey’s Inspirational Song Was DeMaio’s Passion Project

This passionate project spread far beyond Manowar and father and son Kazakos, as DeMaio enlisted the help of a metalhead friend and colleague, Sakis Tolis, the leader of Rotting Christ, who was asked to help. to translate the text from English to ancient Greek.

“I was asked to translate a text from English to Ancient Greek, which is very difficult.” Said Tolis, “It’s already hard to translate it into Greek actually. So I asked my wife and some friends for help and during the summer we sat for five days doing the translation.

Tolis went on to describe his own honor of working with the legendary metal band, as well as with the Kazakos: “It is a great honor for me to be able to participate in a work by Joey, as Manowar is one of my. favorite groups. Of course, I am in awe of what Father and Son Kazakos did!

Joey DeMaio’s love for Greece and his enthusiasm for this project could not be contained as he opened up about his trip to Greece to record the narration portion of the song Odyssey and expressed immense gratitude to Sakis Tolis for all his efforts and for putting him in touch with his Greek. protagonists.

“A translator and a friend, Sakis, who – believe me – suffered and his wife suffered with me, like no one is supposed to suffer … and he put us in touch with this incredibly young guy (pointing to K. Kazakos) and his “young” father and it was like the best gift. DeMaio went on to say, “And to have all my friends around me and of course him (showing Sakis) helping me with his beautiful translation of the text and hearing him (showing K. Kazakos) talking with his father, his real father… the part of Telemachus and the father responding as Ulysses. I can tell you, not just me, but everyone in the studio had their hair on their arms. Everyone looked like a bear or a dog. that day, and that’s something I just can’t forget.

This epic song, accompanied by a must-have setlist by Manowar, will be part of the Release Athens Festival on June 22, 2022 at Plateia Nerou, where the group is headlining.

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